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April 27, 2016
Cyber-criminals target half their attacks at small businesses  

Small firms have become a more attractive target for hackers, as larger companies have improved their cyber security systems, locking out hackers. It is the data that makes a business attractive, not the size. So what are the reasons criminals pick on small business?

  • SMEs are now “much more interconnected” than in the past. Instead of having just a simple website or email account, they are involved in much more complex networks. The data generated by all that is much more valuable to criminals.
  • Losing a few emails in the past was an annoyance, but now it’s critical. So business will do anything to save it.
  • They tend to have weaker online security due to lack of budget.
  • Automation allows modern cyber criminals to mass produce attacks for little investment at smaller organisations.
  • They’re doing more business than ever online via cloud services that don’t use strong encryption technology.
  • If they have any big companies as customers, they’re an even more enticing target—they are an entry point.
  • Worse, the laws safeguarding commercial bank accounts aren’t as strong as those for personal accounts. 
US Officials Invite Hackers to Attack Pentagon   

       The Pentagon is launching a new program that invites hackers to attack Department of Defense websites for possible financial rewards, the first such “bug bounty” program in the federal government. The program, which begins in April, essentially involves the Pentagon selecting a group of hackers, giving them Department targets, and asking them to do as much damage as possible — and then report back what they found to help the DoD patching those holes, in exchange for some kind of reward. Participants will be need to be registered and vetted and must be US citizens. Such programs allow cyber experts to find and identify problems before malicious hackers can exploit them, saving money and time in the event of damaging network breaches.

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