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Plastic Reductions 
Based on new discussions   between the federal government and credit card companies, what's in your wallet be more cash. If you accept credit cards as payment for your business, expect a reduced rate from Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Visa and Mastercard have committed to only charge 1.4 % for basic cards. The reduced rate will be in place for a period of five years, providing some certainty on pricing.

Interchange fees overall - made up of a myriad of factors - will also be reduced.  Credit card companies have also promised to narrow the range between the highest fees (typically rewards cards) and the lowest.

Interchange charges are made up of a percentage of the purchase price (e.g., 1.4% - 2.3% on a $500 purchase) and the amount is determined by how the card is processed (online, in person, over the phone, tap), verification (chip, PIN, CSV, etc.) and type of card (basic, rewards, cash back, elite, corporate, etc.) plus a fixed amount (typically .10ยข per transaction).

The fee reduction is voluntary but is expected to save businesses with credit card sales of $5 million/year about $25,000 cumulatively over the five years and for businesses with credit sales of $1 million/year savings could add up to $7,500. The Chamber provides members with two options for credit card processing that can keep your costs lower, First Data and BluePay Canada. We're happy to connect you

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World Tree strikes deal with former President 
Top: Wendy Burton, Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter
In June, World Tree CEO Wendy Burton flew to Georgia for a private meeting with former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. Mr. Carter has a mature Empress Splendour Tree plantation at his home in Plains, Georgia. World Tree has now acquired the exclusive rights to harvest and sell his lumber.   
World Tree's Carbon Offset Program is both an environmental initiative and an investment strategy, made possible by the unique properties of the Empress tree.
These trees, which are the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world, are planted and cared for by local certified farmers. Within just 10 years these trees will grow into mature lumber that is harvested and sold. 
World Tree: member since 2015
With an aging workforce and near zero unemployment rate - the demand for skilled trades workers has never been higher.

Hear Tom Sigurdson, Executive Director of BC Building Trades, talk about the future of the trades industry in British Columbia and the impact of the new BC Infrastructure Benefits Inc.
Sponsored by
Tue, Sept 25 | 11:30 am-1 pm 
Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour
728 Humboldt St.

Best practices for divisive historical statues
Putting a statue of Canada's first Prime Minister into storage was a dramatic gesture. The City of Victoria's decision certainly raised awareness about the reconciliation process happening between the city and local First Nations.

Not surprisingly, there was an outcry from people who found the decision sudden and confusing. Many people, including city councillors, had no idea that the fate of the statue was under discussion.

Less than one week later, it's time for cooler heads. The Chamber is a strong advocate for the need to create a business environment that is welcoming for everyone, and that encourages investment in our community.

We are grateful for the contributions of the Songhees First Nation, an active member of The Chamber, and we believe in the reconciliation process.

The Chamber supports relocating the statue of Sir John A Macdonald to a public site and including a more thorough and balanced description of his legacy.

This has become a common practice internationally as cities wrestle with past historical figures while societal viewpoints evolve.

Find out more about the City of Victoria's efforts around reconciliation here.  
City of Victoria: member since member since 1962 
Songhees First Nation: member since 2017 

Members Around Town
Seaspan Shipyards appoints new COO
Seaspan Shipyards (Seaspan) has appointed Jari Anttila as Chief Operating Officer (COO). With more than 25 years of experience in shipbuilding and industrial operations, Anttila will bring significant industry knowledge to this newly created role. Based at Vancouver Shipyards, Anttila will concentrate on ensuring that its work under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) is successfully completed, as well as assist in developing a strategic plan to advance the growth and diversification of Seaspan Shipyards.
Seaspan Shipyards: member since 1972    
HarbourCats make top 10 best     
The HarbourCats beat their own West Coast League (WCL) regular season attendance record of 60,466, by welcoming a total of 62,599 fans through the gates of Wilson's Group stadium this year. And with a per-game average attendance of 2,318 (a new WCL record), the HarbourCats have ranked ninth out of 100 s ummer collegiate baseball teams across the continent.  
Victoria HarbourCats: member since 2012
A new patio  
Harbour Air Seaplanes opened a new patio in Victoria for the Flying Otter Grill on their Victoria seaplane dock. The restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind dockside dining exprience with west-coast food, a relaxed atmosphere and incredible views.  
Harbour Air Seaplanes: member since 1993         
Flying Otter Grill: member since 2016 
End of Summer Soiree

Join us on the last official weekend of summer for a fun evening of luxury vintage cars, custom cocktails, gourmet food and good times!

Featuring signature cocktails by Nimble Bar Co., craft beer from Twa Dogs Brewery and catering by Toque Catering.
Sponsored by :
Fri, Sept 14 | 6:30-9 pm  
Secret Venue 
Two pick-up locations will be sent to attendees to take a shuttle to our secret venue location courtesy of  
Wilson's Transportation Ltd


Your Chamber in the News!
Legalizing cannabis businesses affects all of us
Message from Chamber CEO Catherine Holt    
This article originally appeared in the August Business Examiner. 
Canada will legalize recreational cannabis on Oct. 17 and the business community needs to prepare for the opportunities and challenges to come.   
Legalization is causing waves across all three levels of governments, from big picture concerns about crossing international borders to everyday issues such as whether cannabis retailers can operate in your neighbourhood.
Breaking it down, Ottawa will continue to be responsible for criminal activities and rules regarding cultivation and processing. Provinces will regulate workplace safety, wholesaling and the retail model. In B.C., the provincial government has identified 31 smaller suppliers who will provide product to the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch. The LDB plans to offer a range of cannabis varieties to licensed private retailers through an online sales portal and through B.C. Cannabis Stores, similar to government liquor stores.
Local governments will decide how and where cannabis can be sold in their municipality. 
If you're interested in learning more, I encourage you to attend our "The Business of Cannabis" luncheon on Oct. 10, from 11:30-1 pm at the Hotel Grand Pacific.  
The Business Examiner's August digital edition is now available exclusively to Chamber of Commerce members for the first time ever! Business Examiner's multi-channel distribution model is focused on increasing accessibility to content, and adding even more value for our members.
Making Victoria more inviting to pedestrians 
The City of Victoria received a $750,000 grant this week for its bike lanes network from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Government of Canada. The funds are part of a larger, $31-million pot dispersed to 27 initiatives through the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program and the Green Municipal Fund. The grant will help the City complete phase one of its "all ages and abilities" bike network, specifically the lanes planned for Wharf, Humboldt and Vancouver streets.

In the current plans for the Wharf-Humboldt-Vancouver corridor Mayor Helps said in a Times Colonist article, there are probably as many pedestrian improvements planned as there are improvements for cyclists. That makes it more of an "active-transportation" system than just a bike system.

To contribute to Victoria being walkable, the City also tested out a pedestrian mall on Government Street Sunday. The section of Government Street from Fort Street to Yates Street will be closed to vehicle traffic from noon to 5 pm every Sunday until mid-September.

City of Victoria: member since 1962
How to spend time like a billionaire
This may come as a shock, but some of the most successful people in the world spend their time - get this: learning! In a study of 200 self-made millionaires, many of them don't watch TV and 86% of them claimed they spend their spare time reading . But who has the time? Well, those who follow the five-hour rule do .  
The five-hour rule is the practice of setting aside at least an hour a day (or 5 hours a week) to practice or learn something. It's a rule used by Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Elon Musk. Okay, now that you've set aside an hour a day - divide that time into the following three buckets:  
Read: Read a book, listen to an audiobook or podcast
Reflect: Try journaling or jotting down notes while reflecting on past wins or mistakes. You can guide your reflection with these key questions.
Experiment: Challenge yourself to try something new.
Happy Learning!  
Not sure what to put on your summertime reading list? Our CEO, Catherine Holt recommends these great summer reads - Terry O'Reilly, This I Know and Adam Kahane, Collaborating with the Enemy - pick up your copy at one of our local bookstores
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