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December 2014
And all of a sudden it was all over...


Thank you so much for your love and loyalty over the last 25 years.  Whatever success we had is due to your support.  Though Black 47 has disbanded we will continue to keep up to date with news of the band members, while providing you with rare tracks, videos, etc. as we go along.  Here's a track from the final show in BB King's.  In due course we hope to have the full night available free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

The SHOP at will continue to operate with ALL our CDs now available.  Likewise t-shirts can be obtained there along with a just added item that has long been requested - a Black 47 full zippered Hoodie - keep you warm for the winter. 

We members of Black 47 are not going anywhere.  We're professional musicians and we'll continue to play so come check us out in the various projects we'll undertake.  Thanks for all the good times down the crazy years.  There's no way we could  have done it without you!

Larry Kirwan

All Black 47 CDs/DVDs/T-Shirts/Larry Kirwan Books available at SHOP.  Just added new zippered HOODIE & LAST LAST CALL T-Shirt  

The new fully zippered Hoodie now on sale at SHOP S,M,L,XL,2XL

The fastest selling Black 47 t-shirt - celebrates the band's final performance at BB King's on Nov. 15, 2014.  Available again at SHOP in S,M,L,XL,2X


RISE UP now available and at all gigs.  Larry Kirwan has compiled 15 tracks of remastered favorites and rarities recorded over Black 47's controversial career.  From their first recording of Patriot Game  two months after forming to their final shot with US OF A 2014 Black 47 show why many have hailed them as America's primary political band. 78 minutes of white hot rebellion, resistance & redemption!


Change comes slowly like the ocean
But it keeps on coming nonetheless
Take my hand, oh dear companion
We may not find happiness
But peace and then some real contentment
And a measure of social justice
Change comes slowly like the ocean
But they can't stop the tide
And they're never ever going to stop us

            I was recently compiling Rise Up, an album of political/historical songs for Black 47.  Certain songs like James Connolly and Bobby Sands MP were obvious but Change, a Reggae tune, kept surfacing. It took me a moment to remember who inspired the song - not surprising since Bernadette Devlin McAliskey is rarely in the public eye anymore. And yet, what an impact she had on Irish life...

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"In the dark and deadly days of Black '47"

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