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Today we release Black Box 8, and she is a mean one, indeed!

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The Complete Syllabus is below.

BTW-Trust me, do not assume that a familiar term or tactic listed is the same-o, same-o. Indeed, it is not.

The Black Box Project 8: Street-Dentistry “Hair-Triggers”/Clinch Hellaciousness/Facelock 101/Frontier Trade-Knife Spheres of Attack & A Two-Fold Numbering System

Mark Hatmaker

The Street Dentistry Parlor
Hair Triggers Versus Body-Shots: The Flanks
·       Triggers: The Modern Definition.
·       Hair-Triggers AKA Loaded Triggers: The Street-Dentist Definition
·       Flank Blocks, Fore & Aft
·       Flank Blocks as “Pre-Loaded Counter-Punch”
·       Aft Flank Block + Trigger
·       Fore Flank Block + Trigger
·       There are obviously more Hair-Trigger options but…if these two are drilled as Alpha & Omega, they become the only real and/or viable street options to Flank Attacks. Street does not require the same choices of extended sport play—it requires General Forrest’s “Get there firstest with the mostest.”

o  [We build on the Street Single-Underhook detailed on RAW 219/220/Black Box 6 & 7 respectively.]
o  The Over-Under Clinch Form
o  “Running in Neutral”
o  Clinch Swimming is NOT the Street-Dentist way.
o  I repeat pummeling is revving the clinch-engine but does nothing to educate Clinch-Fighting.
o  Two Tools to Get Out of Neutral
o  One: The Pledge-Pry [Hand position is key, any tension in the hand is working against the self.]
o  Two: The Mid-Bump
o  Drilling the two Tools in Neutral
o  Getting Out of Neutral into the Fight
o  The Pledge-Pry to Single-Underhook
o  The Mid-Bump to Single-Underhook
o  More Toys for the Toolbox
o  The Low-Inside Bump
o  Contrary Motion of Hands is Key
o  The Double-Bump Low-to-Mid to Palm-Out Single-Underhook
o  The Triple Bump #1: The Maul
o  The Triple Bump #2: The Hook
o  The Triple Bump #3: The Mississippi Riverboat Wag
o  Quadruple Bump #1
o  Quadruple Bump #2

Mark’s Snappin’ Submission Candy Corner: Face-Locking 101
o  Reduce your commitment.
o  Elevation is your enemy.
o  Know your grips.
o  Fight the Goose

Vicious Weaponry: Frontier Trade-Knife
o  We will introduce a numbering system, but it is not to be thought of as an overlay on the body.
o  We will use the system in two spheres—
o  Sphere 1: The Out Range with zero attempt at the body and…
o  Sphere 2: Closing Range aka The Killing Field
o  The numbers remain the same for both spheres but…applications and deficits will emerge as we cross from one sphere to another.
o  The 7 Numbers of Frontier Tradeknife
o  Sphere 1/Grip 1 [“Hawk” Grip] Numbers of Utility
o  High Utility: 1/2/6/7
o  Low Utility [and Why]: 3 & 5
o  Do Not Use: #4
o  Work as Probing Slashes, Combos and The Killing Field Sphere to Come
o  Do not assume these number evaluations hold for the other grips—au contraire.
o  Know your grips.
o  Know your spheres
o  Know your angle +’s & -‘s.

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The Suakhet’u Program: Opening the Sensorium
Mark Hatmaker

My twin studies of the archeology of frontier rough ‘n’ tumble combat and “primitive” indigenous abilities have [and continue to] unearth tasty morsels of violent mayhem that we deliver in our revised RAW/Black Box curriculum.

Thus far this material has been manifested as physical expression [the tactics and how-to] and the cognitive side of the game [the strategy, history, mind-setting.]

Along the way though, there have been many illuminating ideas in the areas of a more esoteric nature, that we may loosely judge akin to meditation, environmental immersion, awakening practices.

These terms “meditation” and the like are academic constructs and do little to convey what these practices are truly like.

[Full Disclosure: I practice the Suakhet’u myself, 365 days of the year, rain or shine and have found the benefits and revelations of paramount use to my life. Take that for a statement of crass salesmanship, or if you know me, you may take it for how I mean it—a frank statement of subjective truth.]

So, what exactly is The Suaket’u Program?

First, what The Suakhet’u is not…

·       It is non martial arts or combat sports related.
·       With that said, the practices are all indigenous warrior based and were used to temper the spirit, open the heart, expand the senses, thusly in a quite tangible sense increasing everyday situational awareness which is most definitely a warrior attribute to strive for.

·       The Suakhet’u is not a strenuous physical endeavor.
·       Yes, there are phases of it that call for physical motion, but some of it is “performed” stock-still, but it is all accessible to all skill/fitness levels from musclebound to chairbound.
·       Again, this is more about what goes on in the interplay between mind, body, and spirt in the Jamesian sense than any Spartan body-grind.
·       We provide real Old School resurrected PT on the RAW/Black box Project. Again, no hyperbole, if you minus out my years of injuries this old school wisdom has whipped my mid-50’s physical vehicle into the best shape of its life and not a weight is lifted, not one mile is run, and not one slice of pie is tearfully ignored. These old-timers knew of what they spoke. More info on this topic here.

What is The Suakhet’u?
·       It is an audio-visual course-package [DVD & book.]
·       It details and leads you through a morning enlivening/awakening practice culled from various American Indigenous traditions.
·       My adopted tribe and frame of reference for these exercises and practices is Comanche, so I use the Comanche terminology throughout, all though these practices pop up in many a tradition under many names.
·       Demonstrated is “Na’anit’u” or “Rolling” a head-to-toe lubricating of the joints to get the body awake alive and loose.
·       Next is the root of the morning routine—Hagwoit’u.
·       Although there is some “sitting” involved, it is not meditation.
·       Although there are specific breathing methods involved, they are not “exercises.”
·       The Suakhet’u is not about withdrawal to inward realms.
·       It is not about “forgetting” the self.
·       Suaket’u is diametrically opposed to navel-gazing and inward journeys.
·       The Suakhet’u is an expansion of the world via simple yet tangible sensory awareness practices.
·       It is an expansion of awareness that is conducive to both the wise alert warrior and the wise and appreciative human being.
·       It is a grounding in “being in the center” by awakening to the center.
·       The Suakhet’u takes no more than 10-12 minutes out of one’s morning but the results are tangible and measurable. [The Program will show you how to measure and chart such results if the empirical hack is required to fully appreciate.]

Yes, it sounds esoteric but a mere week with the practice reveals the concreteness of its method. The Suakhet’u will be/is the foundation to further Programs: Stalking, Stealth-Withdrawal, Skulking, Scoutcraft/Watermanship etc.

Also included are…
·       Exercises for Opening the Sensorium. The Sensorium being the Victorian ideal of using not a mere one or two senses, but engagement practices to unify the senses.
·       Some of these ideas include…
·       Focus points for various fields of vision.
·       Scanning and Eye-Hopping.
·       Night Vison Enhancement
·       “Poisa Pui” or “Crazy Eyes” exercises used by indigenous still-hunters.
·       Sonic Location drills
·       “Follow the Molecule” drills.
·       Accessing the remnant Jacobson’s Organ.
·       Bare Skin/Tactile drills.
·       Unification Drills
·       The Connection Between Bridging and Hearing
·       20+ Drills for Testing and Improving each of the 5 Senses.
·       “Noket’anokat” or “The Sly Man” 50+ Practices for making simple walks around your yard into sensorium safaris for awareness.

·       FYI-I use the daily Suaket’u each morning followed by 1 “Noket’anokat” practice that can last for as little as 5 minutes. I focus on the single drill for a week as I find that over the week, that mere 5-minutes a day begins to be brought online automatically during standard tasks rendering even aspects of daily life as opportunities for “training” or “awakening.”

This unusual program is still in the works as it is a bit unlike anything we’ve offered before. It will be available to RAW Subscribers/Black Box Projecteers for a deep discount, and newsletter subscribers for 10% off.

When it is available, we will beta it to subscribers first.
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