The Black Conservative Summit:
How to Fix America

March 24/25 in Chicago

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How have the issues of race, gender, and new science been weaponized to challenge many of the values that Americans -- specifically black Americans -- consider sacrosanct?  

Come hear answers from leading black scholars and leaders, including Shelby Steele, Voddie Baucham, Allen West, Ian Rowe, Larry Elder, and Bob Woodson, as they discuss the forces seeking to use race, gender and other issues to fundamentally change American society and its beliefs. More importantly, come hear about solutions for community transformation and what you can do.

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Gender Ideology in Class at New Trier
In February, a New Trier American Studies class teacher used the "gender unicorn" (above) as a way to open discussion about Kate Chopin's “The Awakening.” 

The class later read "Night to His Day: The Social Construction of Gender" and was asked the following series of leading questions:

  • What do most people find difficult to believe about gender?
  • Why is gendering done from birth in many societies?
  • Why can't gender be equated with biological and physiological differences in human males and females?
  • How are the labels of "man" and "woman" at once "empty" and "overflowing"?
  • In what ways is gender a process?
  • How does gender often act as a "stratification system"?
  • How does gender act as a structure?

Gender ideology remains a controversial topic with leading psychologists now questioning whether the preoccupation with gender identity is relevant except in the most extreme cases.

Many countries are dialing back their approaches to treatment of gender issues, as outlined in this recent interview with Finland's top gender expert.

For a list of fact-based resources about gender ideology click here or watch evolutionary biologist Colin Wright and researcher Leor Sapir discuss the topic in this video. Also, see this 6-minute video by Dr. Carrie Mendoza of FAIR outlining concerns regarding illiberal trends in medicine.
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Eric Kaufmann discusses his new Manhattan Institute report, “School Choice Is Not Enough: The Impact of Critical Social Justice Ideology in American Education. Eric shares the findings of his comprehensive report and details how critical race theory and radical gender ideology are indeed present in all American schools, including public, private and religious. 

Professor and author Jason D. Hill talks about his life as an American immigrant from Jamaica, what led him to the study of philosophy, and his rejection of social justice ideology. He also discusses the state of today’s college campuses and concerns about "abolish-the-nuclear-family" and other trends he sees.

Mom and children’s advocate, Erin Friday, shares her emotional journey rescuing her own teenage daughter from transgender ideology which she was introduced to via the sex ed curriculum in her California school.
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