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excessive rains delay Vollmer reopening

May 18, 2023

Excessive rains delay Vollmer Road reopening

The extreme rain and flooding in the Black Forest Road widening project zone recently have delayed the reopening of Vollmer Road to late in the week of May 22 (weather dependent).

Construction has been stopped twice in the past week due to heavy rain, including today. While weather has delayed construction, it has also required significant time to mitigate flood impacts. The Vollmer Road opening date remains uncertain due to rain forecasted throughout the next week, which could disrupt not only paving operations but also other critical steps in the road-building process as moisture impacts the compaction of the road base. If the road base is not properly compacted, it affects the quality of the new pavement and potentially results in a shorter lifespan. 

It’s been a wet, challenging week-plus not only for the Black Forest Road project, but for others throughout the area. Recognizing this is an important transportation link for local residents, the project team is doing all it can to move forward and get Vollmer reopened as quickly as possible. We are grateful for your patience and understanding.

Please Pay Attention:

The interim traffic configuration at the intersection of Black Forest and Vollmer roads includes a left turn lane from westbound Vollmer Road to southbound Black Forest Road, and a left turn lane from southbound Black Forest Road to Vollmer Road. These movements will both become dual left turn lanes when the project is complete in 2024. 


But, over the past three months while work was underway at the intersection of Vollmer and Black Forest roads, traffic has not had to stop. Once Vollmer Road does reopen to traffic, the traffic signals will be active, so motorists are asked to please pay attention.

Temporary closures of sections of Cowpoke Road - new schedule

The delay in reopening Vollmer Road is also affecting other construction activities in the project zone.

  • Temporary closure of Cowpoke Road WEST of Black Forest Road to Gray Ghost Drive - is anticipated for May 30, following the Memorial Day weekend, and following the Vollmer Road reopening. This closure will last approximately three weeks.

Detour: During this closure, eastbound Cowpoke Road traffic headed toward Black Forest Road will be detoured south on Tutt Boulevard, then east on Woodmen Road. Westbound Cowpoke Road traffic from Black Forest Road will be detoured south to westbound Woodmen Road, then to northbound Tutt Boulevard.


  • Temporary closure of Cowpoke Road EAST of Black Forest Road -- has not been rescheduled at this time.

The project team is reevaluating construction phasing at this location to avoid closures at the start of the new school year.  


Access at Copper Peak Point remains closed.

While Vollmer Road is anticipated to reopen late in the week of May 22, the access at Copper Peak Point will remain closed indefinitely for the safety of the traveling public and construction team.  Also, removal of old asphalt will be taking place at Copper Peak Point temporarily impacting a few of the parking spaces at the apartment complex parking lot.  

Stay Informed

The project is widening the roadway to two lanes in each direction between Woodmen Road and Research Parkway. Funded through the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) “A” List of projects, work is scheduled to be complete in late 2024.  

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