NOVEMBER 21, 2017
Who says that Holiday sales have to begin on Friday? We're bucking that trend and starting our sale TODAY! Read the details below, and catch up on the other news from Goodman Games!
Black Friday Tuesday!
Black Friday starts early! This year we’re really getting into the holiday spirit with an amazing offer! We are giving you 40% off…on everything. Yes, EVERYTHING! Every item in  our online store is 40% off if you use the coupon code blackfriday2017. This applies to both print and PDF items. The sale only lasts until Cyber Monday (that would be Monday, November 27th) so act fast!

The sale includes  EVERYTHING in the online store – including great gift items like the ones shown below. Buy these for your favorite dungeon master, dungeon mistress, buddy, stranger, or even yourself! With this kind of bargain, it’s okay to be generous!

If you are looking for a few stocking stuffers, may we recommend things like:

Black Friday Kickstarter For Dungeon Alphabet Is Now Live!
Help bring  The Dungeon Alphabet  back in a  Deluxe 4th Printing  - and save 40% while you do it ! One of the most popular titles ever released by Goodman Games and a precursor to the design elements that would eventually make the DCC RPG so popular, The Dungeon Alphabet is a book of dungeon inspiration that blends creative writing and inspirational art in a ready-to-use system neutral game aid. Every RPG enthusiast, whether player or judge, will find their minds abuzz after reading this book. 

We’ve launched a short-duration Black Friday Kickstarter to fund a 4th printing of The Dungeon Alphabet in a hardcover. Since we’re running this Kickstarter over Black Friday, we are also offering a 40% discount! For the Kickstarter, the book is priced at $12—but only during this Kickstarter . After the Kickstarter it will return to its list price of $20.

The Dungeon Alphabet 4th Printing is expanded with 16 pages of additional content, for a total of 80 pages of amazing material. Depending on stretch goals, we may be able to add deluxe printing features like a sewn-in bookmark, cloth binding, and possibly even a leather bound variant edition!

DCC Is Five Years Old!
Can you believe it? It seems like it was only yesterday for us, but Dungeon Crawl Classics has been around for a handful of years now.

Five Years Later, Our Favorite Review Ever!

"This isn’t your father’s D&D …it’s your batsh*t crazy uncles’ D&D , straight from the smokey basement with faded black-light posters on the walls and 80’s Manowar blaring on the old tape deck. You might turn up your nose at first, but once the seven-sided-dice start rolling you find yourself sucked in."

Smythe-Sewn Binding From The 1st Printing Still Going Strong!

And in that time, we are also very proud of the quality of our books. At Gen Con 2016, Jen Brinkman showed us her copy of the very first printing of the DCC RPG hardcover. After five years of hard wear-and-tear during actual tabletop play, the binding on her copy is still intact and solid. Read more about it here.

Interview With The Warehouse Yeti!

Did you know that in the five years since the DCC hit the shelves Goodman Games has employed a yeti? A Warehouse Yeti, to be precise. You can read all about him—Keith, The Warehouse Yeti—right here!

Appendix N Podcasts!

All of this began with an in-depth reading through the contents of the infamous Appendix N. Since DCC RPG first started, we’re not the only ones diving into Appendix N! Check out these podcasts dedicated to spreading the gospel about some of the world’s best fantasy and science fiction stories! We explore some of them right here.

Five years later, we’d like to publicly state that we are still proud to be the batsh*t crazy uncle of the D&D community. Here’s to five more years and many more batsh*t crazy games of  DCC RPG.
Road Crew Design Contest!
It’s our second annual  Road Crew Poster Design Contest! This isn’t just a way to show off your skills, it’s also your chance to win ORIGINAL ART from Brad McDevitt while also promoting your favorite game!

We will select our three  favorite Road Crew poster designs, and each winner will receive a piece of original art by Bradley K. McDevitt! Brad’s art has adorned Goodman Games products for more than a decade, and any longtime fan of  DCC  will recognize his material.

Once your poster is ready, send it to us at  and we’ll start the judging!
Free POP Display For Retailers!
Do you have a store? Do you love  Dungeon Crawl Classics? Do you have some space to show that love? We’ve got something for you. The DCC POP Display!

How can you get one? It’s easy:  just email us with your store’s address and a link to your website. We will ship one to you absolutely free!

Now, if you DON’T own a store, but you are a huge fan of one, we have an answer there, too. If you want to nominate your favorite store to get a POP Display, simply  email us with the store’s details and we’ll get in touch with them!
MCC Release Date Announced!
Good news! We have received and approved the printer proofs! Seeing a physical version of the book is awesome. It looks terrific and really has that “ DCC feel” – every page you turn is full to the brim.
Based on the approved proofs, we can now quote an estimated delivery date.  We expect to ship Kickstarter backer copies in March. This means most backers will receive it in March (with some international backers possibly receiving it later depending on transit times). Shortly after that, it is expected to release to the public in general.