Kites, kites and more kites
November 24th, 2020
Did we say kites?

First up are Slingshot Kites and a few bars.
This teaser will get you in the mood for Black Friday. 

Our prices are often times a LOT lower than our competitors'.
Please look closely at these deals. It will be worth your time.

We'll also toss in a few Blade, Liquid Force and Ozone kites for good measure.

Kite prices starting at $299.
Most are between $399 and $799.

Are you looking for Cabrinha kites?
You'll have to wait until the 27th.
In just a few days, we can release our Cabrinha prices.
Foils? Coming soon.
Other products? Coming soon.

Stay tuned for many more great deals being released this week. 

The sale ends on Wednesday, Dec. 2nd. 
In stock items only. 
Limited supplies. 

Free shipping lower 48 US.
Free shipping lower 48 US.
Slingshot kites and bars
2019 Slingshot Turbine
13m = $699
17m = $899
2019 Slingshot Rally
6m = $599
8m = $699
11m = $799
2019 Slingshot RPM
9m = $699
10m = $749
11m = $799
2020 Slingshot Rally GT V1
3m = $499
6m = $579
9m = $899
12m = $999
14m = $1099
2019/2020 Slingshot Sentinel bar
17" = $349
23" = $349
2019/2020 Slingshot Guardian bar
17" = $319
Blade kites
2016 Blade Mist
9m = $399
Free small pump
7th Gen Blade Trigger
10m = $399
Free small pump
9th Gen Blade Trigger
10m = $499
Free small pump
Liquid Force and Ozone
2016 LF Solo
9m = $399
LF Elite Foil kite
15m = $299 (Demo)
Note: kite is almost new but needs a small bridle adjustment.
Ozone Summit Snow kite
10m = $699
With bar and lines.
Bonus deal from Lift E-foils
Save over $2000 on a new Lift E-foil

If you have been considering getting a new E-foil, now might be the time.
Lift is offering the new e-foils for a limited time for only $9,995.
Simple and easy process.

1) Go to the Lift web site.
2) Order your E-foil.
3) Add the discount code.
4) Drop us a note to let us know you are ordering.

You MUST use the following discount code to get your discount.

KR2020_118 - Discount Code

Please contact me/us with any questions.
Now only $9,995
Original price: $12,000
You save $2,005
Limited Time Offer.
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TELEPHONE: 608-273-1817
CELL and TEXT: 608-358-0514 (preferred)