Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

PRP Facial

During the procedure, growth factors are isolated from a small amount of your blood. A microneedling device is used to create multiple micro-punctures driving the isolated growth factors into the skin to stimulate the body’s own healing process. Platelet growth factors soak onto the micro-punctures in the skin, triggering collagen and elastin production resulting in younger, brighter and smoother skin.

  • SALE: $650
  • $225 Savings!
  • Reg: $875

* Limit 3 treatments/patient

Learn about the PRP Facial!

PRP Facelift

Includes all the benefits of the PRP Facial, plus:

  • 1 Full Syringe of Filler
  • 20 Units of Neurotoxin Wrinkle Relaxer
  • SALE: $1,495
  • $500 Savings!
  • Reg: $1,995

* Limit 3 treatments/patient

Learn about the PRP Facelift!

O and P Shots

Sexual wellness for women and men!

Additional female benefits:

  • Decreased urinary incontinence issues
  • More than 90% patient success rate with females experiencing stress incontinence

  • SALE: $1,550
  • $400 Savings!
  • Reg: $1,950

* Limit 3 treatments/patient

Learn about the O-Shot!
Learn about the P-Shot!

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP contains active growth factors that can promote hair growth. Individuals who have thinning hair or hair loss at the top of the scalp can benefit from this treatment. The therapy not only promotes hair growth, but it also strengthens hair follicles.

  • SALE: $1,400
  • $700 Savings!
  • Reg: $2,100

* Limit 3 treatments/patient

Learn about PRP Hair Restoration!

Dermal Fillers


(Long-Term 5-Year Filler)

  • SALE: $935/syringe
  • $325 off a full syringe
  • Reg: $1,200/syringe
Learn about Bellafil!

Revanesse Versa & Lips

Lasts 6-14 months.

  • SALE: $580/syringe
  • $150 Savings!
  • Reg: $730/syringe

Juvéderm ULTRA 4

Lasts 6-12 months.

  • SALE: $455/syringe
  • $150 Savings!
  • Reg: $605

Juvéderm Voluma

Lasts 8-20 months.

  • SALE: $825
  • $150 Savings!
  • Reg: $975

**Limit 5 syringes/patient**

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Cynosure 1540nm Non-ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing/Collagen Building Treatment

Accelerates the skins ability to rejuvenate, targeting unwanted wrinkles, pigment, stretch marks, scars and pores, resulting in a more youthful look.

  • SALE: $300
  • $300 Savings!
  • Reg: $600

*Limit 3 treatments/patient

Cynosure 1540nm Melasma Treatment

  • SALE: $175
  • $155 Savings!
  • Reg: $330

*Limit 3 treatments/patient

IPL Cynosure ICON MaxG Face Treatment

Reduces the appearance of freckles, sunspots, and redness while improving tone and texture, resulting in a brighter complexion.

  • SALE: $265
  • $260 Savings!
  • Reg: $525

*Limit 3 treatments/patient

Skin Rejuvenation

VI Peel

The VI Peel is a safe and effective medical-grade peel for skin repair and rejuvenation. You’ll experience visible results in just a few days, seeing smoother skin as olds cells peel away. Start the autumn season by looking and feeling younger! 

  • SALE: $300
  • $115 Savings!
  • Reg: $415

Chemical Peels*

Learn about Chemical Peels!

*Excludes: VI Peel and Obagi Blue Peels

  • SALE: $125
  • $75 Savings!
  • Reg: $200

Microdermabrasion - Package of 3

Learn about Microdermabrasion!

  • SALE: $360
  • $120 Savings!
  • Reg: $480

Kybella/LipoDissolve Chin and Jawline

Fat Reduction Treatment

  • SALE: $625
  • $625 Savings!
  • Reg: $1,250

1-Day ONLY!

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Friday, 11/25/22!


Terms & Conditions

All purchases MUST be made on 11/25/2022 Purchases can be made by phone or in-clinic. No appointments will taken on Black Friday.

Any messages left on 11/25/2022 for desired purchases will be honored.  We will return your call within the next 3 business days.  

You must contact us within 30 days of purchase to schedule your treatment(s).  At least one treatment(s) must be performed within 3 months of purchase.  

You have 12 months from the date of purchase to use all treatments purchased - NO EXCEPTIONS.  There are NO refunds for Black Friday specials, but the price paid can be applied to the regular price of another service within 12 months of purchase.  Treatments purchased cannot be transferred between clients.

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