A Christmas present with a difference

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This colour illustrated practical guide book presents the latest nutritional and lifestyle research and contributions from 20 expert authors from around the World.

It digs deep into the underlying scientific pathways which improve gut flora, immunity, expression of genes, reduce oxidative stress and chronic inflammation - all of which better the odds of a good response to treatment and long term remission.

Self-help and complementary strategies are described in detail, which help improve hot flushes, weight gain, fatigue, bone, joint and skin health, as well as mitigate the risks of dementia, heart attack and diabetes.

"For my mum, this book has been fundamental in providing well needed support; arming her with the tools to win her own personal marathon".  Paula Radcliffe World Champion Runner

- Are mineral and vitamin supplements harmful?
- What are polyphenols and why are they so good?
- Do the ketogenic, alkaline and paleo diets work?
- Why sunbathing reduces bowel cancer relapse
- Cannabis - myth or hidden treasure?
- Which carcinogens you really need to avoid?
- Why house plants should be in every room?
- Soy and breast cancer?
- Dangers of processed sugar 
- Dangers of burnt meat?
- When and how much to exercise?

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