Did You Know? 
Did you know that Black History Month was founded by an 
African American from Virginia?  
Carter G. Woodson , the "Father of Black History Month," was born in Buckingham County, VA. When he created what was first called Negro History Week, he knew it was important for Blacks to know the breadth and depth of the 
history of Africans in America. 

At the BHMVA, we continue to tell the untold stories of struggle, sacrifice, achievement, and triumph that have been created over the 400 year history since the first Africans touched American soil. These stories shape who we are today and serve as inspiration for our future. We tell these stories everyday, to everyone. We invite you to join us not only during Black History Month, but all year to engage, reflect, and be inspired!

Join us in February (and every month!)

February 9:  Karla Redditte comes to  Kidz@122
February 9: The Art of Freedom -  Meet the Artists
February 16:  Black Facts high school competition       
February 23:  Kidz@122 welcomes Dr. Jill Bussey
February 26: Ekphrastic poetry readings with  Writer's Den
March 2 & 30: The Art of Freedom -  Meet the Artists

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  Saturdays are for fun AND learning! Bring your children to the BHMVA on Saturdays in February as we launch our new program complete with fun activities!  A museum tour and books will be included in each program. Once they come the first time, they'll want to come back again! 


On February 9 meet Karla Redditte a news anchor and reporter on NBC12! Karla will read a book with kids then teach them about being a reporter. 

On February 23 Dr. Jill Bussey will read and share lots of cool stuff about being a dentist! She was  the first African-American female full time Assistant Professor at VCU/MCV School of Dentistry and the current owner of Beautiful Smiles.    

Programs are from 10:30 AM - 12 noon, FREE, and are targeted to ages 
4 - 9 years old, but all children are welcome!
Registration is requested; click on the date(s) below. 

 by Hamilton Glass

The community is   invited for engaging, interactive, and enlightening conversations with some of the artists featured in this thought provoking  exhibition.
Featured artists for February 9
Lawrence CharityHamilton Glass  
Rondall "RJ" James, 
Cynthia M.H. Potter, & Faithe Norrell 

Featured artists for March 2
Featured artists for March 30
Jackie Merritt,  William "Blue" JohnsonDennis Winston, & Jo Caston
Guests attending "Meet the Artists" will receive a discounted rate to see  The Art of Freedom  exhibition on the day of the event. As always, members are free. 
All events scheduled 2 PM - 4 PM and are free to the community. 
However, registration is requested; click on the date(s) below:
Black Facts 
High School Competition

The community is invited to come to support  and encourage our youth! 

February 16, 10 AM

How well do you know Black history? Students from area high schools will participate in the first Black Facts competition. This program is presented in partnership with the Henrico County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. The program is free for audience members.

Only a couple of spots left so register your team today!

Partner Program

  Poetry + Art = Ekphrastics?
How would you poetically describe works included in 
The Art of Freedom exhibition? 

Join us for  ekphrastic readings by poets from The Writer's Den and hear their interpretations of new exhibition, t hen share your thoughts in notebooks throughout the galleries.
February 26, 7 PM               
Tickets $12 in advance, $15 at the door

A Tour Extraordinaire!  

Mary Lauderdale just celebrated year 21 with the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia and she still loves to introduce new visitors to the museum. Join Mary for a tour and hear her enlightening accounts of Emancipation, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Massive Resistance, and Civil Rights that bring history to life. She weaves colorful narratives throughout her guided tours making the visitor experience both engaging and memorable.  We invite visitors to listen, ask questions, or share their personal stories as part of the experience.  

Guided tours and discount admission are available for groups of 10 or more.
For your tour extraordinaire, make reservations by contacting Mary Lauderdale. 

Partnership Program

 Wwine_glass_different.jpghat goes better with wine than wings?


However, we have to change the date for our Wine & Wings event. We'll get back to you soon.


  Of course, our exhibitions are open and available so be sure to check them out while you're here for one of our Black History Month programs. 

Open thru April 27

Open thru March 2

      FREEDOM is a state of mind.    

"To me, freedom is the mind's true liberation...your mind is the way to Freedom."

                                        Sharron Fleming
                           BHMVA email subscriber

As we celebrate the various interpretations of freedom shared by artists in 
The Art of Freedom, our new exhibition, w e're posting thoughts about freedom.  Share a  favorite quote by someone you know and/or admire.

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Preserving stories that inspire.