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February is Black History Month. It is a time to honor and recognize the achievements, resilience, struggle for freedom and equal opportunity, and leadership of African Americans. It's a time to celebrate and pay tribute to the accomplishments of the great Black men and women who have contributed to the fight for racial justice and their contributions made to society. February was initially chosen to encompass the birthdays of two great Americans, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, who played an important role in Black history and whose birthdays were celebrated among the Black community. 

HYC is committed to recognizing the importance of racial justice and equity in our communities. As part of this commitment, we have established a working group - the HYC Work Committee for Change (WCC) - to help open dialogue among our staff and community on the importance of this subject. The HYC WCC is honoring Black History Month by sharing a list of recommended readings providing perspectives and insights about Black history, contributions, and leadership. The WCC put this collection list of books together to provide the community with an opportunity to learn about and participate in recognizing Black History Month.

The WCC has also included a link to a list of Black-owned businesses in the community, and if you click on the "Black LA" link here, it will guide you to a current list of virtual Black History Month events in Los Angeles. 
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