Three ways YOU can help:

  1. Spread the word: Talk about us! Talk to your friends, your family, your church, your grocer! Almost 1 in 2 Americans has a criminal record- chances are, you know someone who would be a great PLSE client!
  2. Current or former client? Complete our survey- tell us how we (and you!) are doing!
  3. Donate! If you can fit PLSE into your budget, every bit helps. It only costs $350 to help someone expunge their criminal record, and just $500 to help them apply for a pardon — so almost everyone can help! We are supported by the United Way, the City of Philadelphia, and a growing list of supporters, but individual contributions from people make up a big chunk of our budget. And as word of our success grows, we will need to hire more paralegals to help get our clients and their petitions ready for Court. Your tax-deductible gift can make a BIG difference!

Thank you!

Because Social Justice Requires Social Action