JUNE 2020
George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop, Tony McDade, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown. May they and the countless other Black lives lost to racist violence rest in peace and power. As we mourn their deaths, the struggle to dismantle state violence and white supremacy continues.
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The leadership of the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) and Black-led organizing nationwide has catalyzed a wave of uprisings that has shaken the racist foundations of this country. In this pivotal movement moment, the Movement for Black Lives has made a call to action to #defendblacklife and #defundthepolice. Black communities and their leadership are demanding systemic change, and in doing so, are forging the path toward a more inclusive, humane and sustainable future, and for our collective liberation.

Now is the time to fortify the M4BL, not just in this moment but in the years to come. Make a donation, sign up to receive information about upcoming actions, and read this list of ways you can take action right now. As the legendary Black freedom fighter and organizer Ella Baker reminded us, " We who believe in freedom can not rest until it comes."
2020 Community Organizing Grantees
Your support fuels social justice organizing on a range of issues and where it is needed most.
This year, PDF made grants to 26 organizations for general operating support - click here to read about them!

Click here to view our new funding map which shows our 2020 Community Organizing Grantees and our De Colores Rapid Response Fund recipients.
The Peace Development Fund is guided by the principle that peace requires the presence of justice. That truth has been reflected in the chant "No Justice, No Peace," which has been heard around the world in the past few weeks. Ongoing organizing and community building will carry the struggle and grow this moment of rebellion into a movement for justice and social transformation.

Our 2020 Community Organizing Grantees include, Community Movement Builders, a member-based collective of Black people fighting gentrification while building sustainable, self determining communities through cooperative economic development and community organizing.
Rise St. James in Louisiana advocates for racial and environmental justice. They are fighting to protect their health, their homes and their community against the expansion of the petrochemical industry in the Mississippi Delta Region, in the heart of Cancer Alley.

The Human Rights Coalition is a longtime leader in Pennsylvania advocating for justice for incarcerated people and building toward an ultimate goal to dismantle and abolish the prison system and replace it with accountability, safety, fairness, and community resilience, while focusing on healing rather than punishment.
Celebrating Pride Month and LGBTQ+ Organizing
This Pride Month, we want to uplift two of our 2020 grantees working for LGBTQ+ justice. API Equality - LA builds power in the Asian and Pacific Islander community to achieve LGBTQ equality and racial and social justice. Their core work consists of being key members of policy and advocacy coalitions that can hold leaders accountable and dismantling systems of oppression through community outreach and education.

Spencer Pride is focused on educating the public about small town and rural LGBTQ+ people and the issues they face in order to make Indiana a safer and more welcoming place for all people. They accomplish this through community involvement and leadership, respectful conversation, and the development of healthy relationships through the creation of welcoming spaces.

With Pride Month underway, we also take time to reflect on its history as we approach the 51st anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall uprising, which was a direct response to police violence targeted at queer and trans people of color, as well as young people experiencing homelessness. This history reminds us of the importance of intersectionality and building movements that combat all forms of oppression and violence.
Thank you for your support.