An Important Message from
Doorway to College Foundation
Updates from Executive Director Kelsey Foster
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Recent events have highlighted that America has a great deal of work to do in terms of systemic racism and its impact on minority communities.

Our sincere condolences to the families and communities impacted by these tragedies.

Doorway to College Foundation encourages everyone to listen to, learn, respect, and stand with those working to ensure equality for all Americans .

The black community is facing an extra burden right now, and we stand with you.

Malcolm X famously said:
But no matter how hard a black student commits to preparing for his or her future through education, systemic racism is a significant barrier. 

As a mission-driven non-profit, we stand with all who raise their voices to condemn racism, inequality, and injustice .

We are committed to continuing to cultivate strategic partnerships with schools, community groups, organizations, and fellow nonprofits to address achievement gaps and eliminate racism.

Black lives matter to us. 
Kelsey Foster
Executive Director
Doorway to College Foundation