Wishing Hue and Your Family a
Happy New Year
from Mama Doll, the Dana Dolls,
the AmBossadolls, Ambassadolls and Mattel, the Barbie brand!
With 2020 behind, by Felicia, here's to hoping that 2021 finds us getting out of the Dollhouse and playing with each other at face-to-face Black Doll Affairs. Until then, please continue to stay safe. I'm excited about the future and am looking forward to meeting hue online.

Something New...

For 2021, I'm introducing "Doll of the Year". Doll of the Year will be an annual selection of a member (Black Doll, Black Doll Brotha or Black Doll Porcelain Pal) of the Black Doll Affair who I believe made a commendable impact within our Doll community and towards our mission to change the way black girls are perceived, more importantly, perceive themselves.

Please Note...
In an effort to connect with all of my Dolls, from five thousand down to less than two hundred, I reduced my friends connections on my personal Facebook profile. Because I need to connect with them regularly to run this movement, along with friends who are like family (my Mama knows them by first name) and my relatives, Black Doll Affair Dana Dolls, AmBOSSadolls, Ambassadolls and Honorary Dolls are the only Dolls that remain connected with me on my personal Facebook page. In our Dollhouse group on Facebook I can be friends with all my members, as opposed to being friends with only some of my members - due to Facebook's Friends limit. So, if you're not in that Dollhouse yet meet me there. Knock here.

Mama Doll
Doll News From The Black Doll Affair!
Hey Dolls, Doll Brothers and Porcelain Pals!
Here's news hue can use from me, Ellen, your "Black Mail" AmBossadoll! Happy New Year!
Did Mama Doll Say
Free Barbie?
Mama Doll commemorated 2020 with a dolling gift for you and the baby doll in your life by offering a packaged deal that includes a
Black Doll Affair t-shirt for Barbie,
a face mask for you to practice social distancing and, to celebrate ten years of partnership with Mattel's Barbie brand. With this arrives a
FREE Barbie Fashionista #140!
While supplies last for $34.99 (retail value $55).
Limited supply.
Or, just buy the mask!
Practice Social Distancing wearing a
Black Doll Affair Mask
Dr. Fauci, recommends 'a uniform wearing of masks'.
Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote
in the Upcoming Georgia
Senate Race
January 5, 2021
Here's how to help be the CHANGE hue want to see:
Get an unregistered eligible voter registered
to vote
Commit to being responsible in ensuring that newly registered voter votes
Partner to Vote with someone 
Follow the leaders:
Early Voting Ended December 31, 2020
Pictured above: Mama Doll and Dana Doll/AmBossadoll Lauren Singleton
Happy New Year, Dolls!
Love, Mama'Nem