Hey Dolls, straight outta The Black Doll Affair with the news hue can use, this is Ellen, your "Black Mail" Ambossadoll!
"Wear a mask" - Dr. Fauci
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The winner of the BDA
75th Anniversary Barbie Giveaway is.....
Nikol Straws!
Congratulations, Nikol Doll!
‘Tis the season to be dolly! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!🎶 Celebrating 10 Years with @Mattel Toys, sponsored by @Barbie, join Ambassadolls around the country for our 14 Annual Virtual Giveaways in the USA 12.05.20 at 1pm. #barbiesblackdollaffair #blackdollaffair #theblackdolls #blackdolls #blackbarbie #tistheseasontobedolly
Welcome our New Honorary Black Doll, Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds!
Joining an Honorable class of living Doll icons that include: @staceymcirby, @mistyonpointe, @gabunion and @senatornanorrock, @tayediggsinsta and @strongdanny and @barbie, Mama Doll recently announced Eleanor Oliver-Edmonds (you may call her Elle) as the latest Honorary Black Doll of The Black Doll Affair (BDA), as well as, the face of the 14th Annual (12.5.20) BDA Doll (virtual) Giveaway Sleigh! Responsible for the copy & design on some of the most iconic Barbie doll boxes, from the Rosa Parks Barbie Box to the to the Katherine Johnson
Dolls, did hue hear? Mama Doll appointed AmBossadoll Zena William Deramus to the role of "AmBossadoll of Pretty...Philanthropic" News hue can use. Showcasing The “Pretty... Philanthropic” Affairs of #TheBlackDolls and spotlighting Blacks giving back, follow to give black!
@dudewithblackdolls / YouTube: @kenstoybox, Mama Doll recently appointed Urian Ross, bka, "Dude with Black Dolls" to her Unboxing Team! Watch our new DUDE unbox the Yara Shahid Barbie doll and enter your name to win one!
Speaking of voting.... Black Dolls (people) we did that! To the degree that Honorary Black Doll Cheryl Brown Henderson has a word for hue!
Gather family, for an enchanting evening with the Baby Dolls!
Hey Dolls,
As everydolly is gearing up for the 14TH ANNUAL BLACK DOLL GIVEAWAYS, let's take a moment and appreciate Black Excellence. I know during times like these it's important to find things to make you smile. This Friday, grab the Baby Doll in your life, Dollfriend, Family or just your b'huetiful self and enjoy the movie Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey with an all star cast on Netflix. ' An imaginary world comes to life in a holiday tale of an eccentric toy maker, his adventurous granddaughter, and a magical invention that has the power to change their lives forever.' - Ambossadoll Kendra (AKA: Ken Doll)
Have a Happy and Safe Weekend, Dolling!