In2:InThinking Network 2011 Forum
Black Model T's Anyone?

In the early days of the Ford Motor Company, life was far easier; there was only one product, a Model T, and one color, black.   This period lasted nearly 20 years, from 1908 - 1927.   Variety in colors and mixed model production followed.   In a world of slow changes, where design changes are few and far between, there's little need for improvement nor thinking about products nor customers.  In a world of competitors serving customers being exposed to an ever-changing, wider and wider variety of products, organizations are in need of leaders, flexible in both thought and action, to manage customer expectations and not be content with "Total Satisfaction" as a goal.

If you're interested in exploring the limitless implications of improving team work in industry, government, and education (including the ability to manage customer expectations, which includes the ability to distinguish customer delight from customer satisfaction), through better thinking about thinkingwe invite you to join us at the In2:InThinking Network 2011 Forum in Los Angeles, California on April 28th through May 3rd.  This year, our ever timely focus will be; 

"Exploring Opportunities: Imagine...Define....Lead......"  

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