Hello friends and allies:

I'm writing to ask you and your organization to sign on to Our Family Coalition's letter to elected officials calling for California Reparations Task Force Accountability.

As I write this, a new president has been elected to office through the votes of black and brown women – and even so, the systems that keep this country divided are still in place. Yes, our national political landscape will be improved under an administration that pledges to support, rather than endanger sexual and gender minorities and our families. But the fight for social justice is not over. And to win that fight, we must finally recognize that the fight against structural racism and anti-Blackness is a fight for LGBTQ rights.
White supremacy holds a very deep appeal for a very large percentage of voters nationally and in our home state as well. Until we defeat white supremacy, our campaign for social justice won't just be incomplete: it will be ineffective.

That's why we must stand together now, our vision freshly focussed on the battle ahead, to lift up California Assembly Bill 3121. Signed into law by Governor Newsom barely six weeks ago, it provides for the establishment of a Reparations Task Force by June 2021, and concrete recommendations by June 2022.

Join us as we call for our elected officials to vigorously support the work of the Reparations Task Force, at every opportunity, until its work is done.

In solidarity,
Mimi Demissew
Mimi Demissew
Executive Director
Our Family Coalition

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