Hippocrene Towers - Mogul
The Hippocrene Towers sit along the Old Alexandria Canal in Byrne Park across the canal from the Black Star Tower.
Heroes flying above Byrne Park may see the spires of Black Star and Hippocrene Towers and notice that the two towers look almost like architectural sisters of the park. They share Gothic architecture but have very distinct qualities as well. People often hold weddings and take pictures at the canal gardens where the two towers can frame the event.
This moderate-sized tower with a fairly small footprint is a historic structure reminiscent of the Chicago Water Tower. Made of concrete, it was one of Titan City’s older buildings that withstood the Great Fire of 1908. At its’ base is a water fountain for tossing coins and making wishes, and the old concrete spires were built decades ago to resemble the motion of water rising into the air.
The Hippocrene Towers which stood through the City fires has come to represent the resilience of the many residents of this community who rebuilt their home after fire and devastation, making something even greater when faced with challenges, to build a new Titan City!