Black Star Tower - Mogul
Black Star Tower is a Gothic tower inspired by the Water Scott Memorial in Edinburgh. It is located in Titan City just outside of the Scholarton maze of old buildings, at the entry to Bryne Park.
Black Star Tower sits across the Old Alexandria Canal from the bright Hippocrene Tower. The sister towers share Gothic architecture but have very distinct qualities as well. People often hold weddings and take pictures at the canal gardens where the two towers can frame the event.
With its gargoyles flying high on its tallest towers, to the path that runs through its archway at the base of its structure, Black Star Tower will offer a dark, inspiring place to meet up for battles, and a perfect spot to scout for mystic mischief in Byrne Park, one of Titan City’s oldest neighborhoods!
Mogul lore statement:

"Black Star Tower Memorial was built before the great fire that destroyed much of early Titan City. The tower is kept in trust by Doctor Damien Star (known in his fighting capacity as the Red Warlock). The foundation grounds of the tower sit on the edge of an enchanted lake in Byrne Park. The site at the lake was chosen due to an astral vortex located deep under the bedrock of the tower. Powerful enchantments were made on the site with properties drawn from the vortex. Red flickering lights are often seen higher up the structure on the mid tower entry ways. These lights are signs of mystic activity, as Black Star Tower serves as an invoking sanctuary for warlocks and magic users throughout Titan City who want to use it as a launching station for entering super battles."