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This Week 03-28-18 at Sea Hag Marina
Heather Carver from Callahan, FL, enjoyed catching sheepshead with her dad.

Teague Tomberlin from Martinez, GA, landed several sheepshead while fishing with his family.

Bryce Woods & his granddad, Donnie Kricklen, of Callahan, FL, landed a 6.81lb sheepshead.

Greg Holzschuher from Williston, FL, brought in a 27" long gator trout.

Chase Darling from Trenton, FL, landed a nice sheepshead.

Aubrey Driggers from Live Oak, FL, hooked and released this red grouper all by herself.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett from Buford, GA, landed a few deep amber redfish.

John Matysiak from Eaton, GA, reeled in this sheepshead along with several others.

Jesus Lopez from High Springs, FL, caught this redfish fishing with his pups.
Vinny Nguyen-Phu from Gainesville, FL, is shown with another healthy redfish.

Tanner Paris from Dallas, GA, had a great time fishing in Steinhatchee.

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Andrew Kinnard from Monroe, GA, hooked this trout in calm waters.

Dawn Potts from High Springs, FL, nabbed two great trout.

Ted Paris of Dallas, GA, hauled in a nice redfish.

Veronica Swiley from Valdosta, GA, seized this pretty redfish.

Vickie Wrick won 1st Place Redfish weighing-in at 7.95lbs.

Bobby Joe Woods took home 1st Place Trout with 5.8lbs.

Capt. Peters won Redfish with Most Spots having 27 spots.

Mr. Brogden had the largest flounder at 2.65lbs.

Troy Carver from Callahan, FL, won Largest Sheepshead bringing in 5.65lbs.

Team Chase-N-Fish caught and released some awesome fish during the tournament.

Jessi Little from Valdosta, GA, was the only one on the boat to catch a Spanish mackerel.

Jared Cady from Lake City, FL, hauled in a huge sheepshead.

Tricia Pulliam from Monroe, GA, wrestled this gator trout all the way to the boat.


Mike and Mitchell Ferris of Jacksonville, FL, stopped by for a fishing trip after touring the FSU campus.

The Driggers family took their 1st sheepshead trip with Capt. Molzen.

Christy Matysiak and Teena Garland from Eaton, GA, couldn't decide who caught the biggest sheepshead.

Pryce Tomberlin from Martinez, GA, enjoyed his fishing trip offshore for sheepshead.

Chris Beasley, Troy & Heather Carver, Mia Cribbs and Bryce Woods of Callahan, FL, loaded up on sheepshead.

Jason Waddell from Dallas, GA, came ashore with a gator trout in hand.

Brayden Tomberlin from Martinez, GA, wrangled in several sheepshead.

The Simmons family of St. Augustine and the Morgan family of McClenny, FL, filled the board with fish.

Nita Chester from Gainesville, FL, reeled in this monster trout while fishing with her friend, Alison.

Hunter and Matt Cameron had a successful father/son fishing trip catching sheepshead.

Michael Lay and Tommy Ballard from St. Simmons Island, FL, limited out on sheepshead.

Mia Cribbs from Callahan, FL, checked-in with some sizable sheepshead in the cooler.


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Mike Ferris from Jacksonville, FL, caught and released this gag grouper.

Kaitlyn Dix, Kevin Dix and Gage Connel from Jacksonville, FL, hauled in a mess of sheepshead.

Jason Waddell, Scott Vanek and Tanner Paris from Dallas, GA, had fun catching several trout.

Mrs. Holzschuher from Williston, FL, came ashore with a great redfish.

David Swiley Jr. from Valdosta, GA, limited out on redfish with the assistance of Capt. Skipper.

Andrew Kinnard, Tricia, Doug & Stephanie Pulliam of Monroe, GA, filled the board with Capt. Graham.

Eric and Ellie Moore from Lenox, GA, spent quality time with family out on the water.

Stephanie Pulliam from Monroe, GA, reeled in this gator trout.

Aaron Kennedy, Shane Morris, Hunter & Matt Cameron, Steve Joseph and Don Chapman, "Rallied the inmates."

Hope Sherley from Valdosta, GA, is holding one the largest sheepshead she reeled in.

Teague, Pryce & Brayden Tomberlin, Chris Arnold, Brandon & Paul Allen loaded up on fish with Capt. Frazier.

Mark & Jared Cady, Rodger & Scott Stewart of Lake City, FL, hooked several sheepshead with Capt. Horton.

Michael Lay from St. Simmons Island, FL, with a huge sheepshead.

Little Jerni Moore from Lenox, GA, took her first sheepshead trip with her mom, Kristin.

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Courtesy of  Florida Adventure Quest
Mike Biss & Keith Painter of Ohio & Jimmy Cravey of Georgia brought in a load of sheepshead with Capt. Brady.

Britt Mclung and Don McAlister from Jasper, FL, hooked a few good sheepshead.

Indy Harding, Oliver Archibald & Nico Deese from Gainesville, FL, caught some sheepshead.

Keith Booth of Middleburg, FL, t urned Sea Hag's shrimp into Sheephead! 4 dozen shrimp + 2 hours = 1 cooler full of Sheephead.
Photo of the Week
March 28, 2018 

 Kenny Porter lives in Steinhatchee, FL, and purchased this redhot Unfair Lure Rip-N-Slash 90 (43) from Sea Hag Marina and he ended up catching two trout at the same time on it! 
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