Current nymph stage in our area of Spotted Lanternfly.
The black nymphs will soon turn red and look like this. The adult SLF emerges from this stage.
The adult Spotted Lanternfly at rest (without the wings spread). This is the stage that does the damage to trees. It will be present at the end of July.
The nymph (infant) stage of Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) and they're being seen all over Bucks and Montgomery Counties. What should you do? Consider the following:

...Are the SLF nymphs killing my trees?
No, they feed on soft tissue such as Roses and other flowers and they do not have a detrimental affect on trees.

...Should I kill them?
Yes, but it would be best to use an insecticide (Sevin or Talstar) and do it yourself, if possible. You will probably need to spray 5 or 6 times before the adults emerge in late July or August. The adults cause the tree problems!

...Assuming I spray for nymphs, as spelled out above, will I still have adults?
Yes. Your spraying will primarily kill nymphs that came in contact with the insecticide. There will be numerous SLF adults present in late July and August because the nymph spraying is only partially effective plus SLF adults will have moved to your property from elsewhere.

Spraying to control SLF nymphs normally doesn't make economic or environmental sense because there are too many applications required. There are other methods that can be tried so Google Spottle Lanternfly for more information.

The SLF stage that affects your trees, the adults, doesn't appear until late July or August. Treating at that time involves applying a systemic insecticide to the lower tree trunk that is absorbed and translocated throughout the tree. There are not multiple sprays into the air and the trunk application lasts for about 5 weeks; a 2nd treatment may be needed in September. This is the treatment plan that will protect your trees and the one that we recommend.

Please contact us if you need an estimate for SLF treatment. Thank you for allowing us to care for your landscape!
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