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Dear friends, the world is always changing but some moments are tipping points. The global solidarity erupting for Black Lives Matter looks like one of these tipping points.  

The Process Work Institute stands in community and solidarity against racism and with those who are protesting against police brutality for a fair and just system. Following process means unfolding experiences of grief and rage because they can signal that abuse and harms are occurring. These experiences provide the energy to create a tipping point, to stop abuse, to bring justice, to repair relationships, and to heal individuals and communities. 
At PWI, we have been working to embody our values, and frankly struggling as a predominantly white institution to change supremacist elements of our culture and make a safer and more welcoming space for people of color wanting to study and teach Processwork. We have been lucky to receive direct feedback from our community and it has been agonizing and confronting to hear and feel the negative experiences. It is a privilege that we’ve received this feedback and that students, faculty, graduates and community members of color, along with white allies, have taken the risk and contributed their emotional labor to give the institution the energy and impetus to change.   

As an organization we are committed to earning back trust through actions and outcomes. The PWI Board is developing a plan of concrete actions to hold the organization accountable to diversity, equity and inclusion goals including CR issues like increasing representation, as well as continuing work on dreamland and essence levels - shifting culture, roles, figures and processing the atmosphere. This plan will be made public so we can seek your help in creating accountability.

As one signal of the world channel tipping point, I was moved by the public health officials in Portland who made this statement about the impact of protests on pandemic re-opening plans:

“Our residents have been compelled to leave their homes and flood into the streets despite the risk, in order to confront an even-deeper sickness: the systemic racism that enables the tragic and unwarranted killing of Black people at the hands of police brutality.

The County recognizes that an effective, equitable response to the pandemic ... requires us to actively address the disease that has been endemic to this country for 400 years.“

Grief and rage about systemic abuse and violence needs expression, needs a response, and needs justice and actions to heal. When black lives matter, we have a chance at building a sustainable future.  

This week is Juneteenth , June 19th, a day commemorating the end of slavery in the United States, and to celebrate African American culture and achievements. A powerful moment to mark a shift.
In hope and solidarity.  
Hellene Gronda, Executive Director
Ph.D, PW. Dipl, MA, BSc/BA(Hons) 
Hellene has a life-long interest in personal and collective change and has been inspired by Processwork for over 30 years. An experienced leader in government and nonprofit settings she values the deep optimism and courageous spirit of Processwork, and its ability to find creative and unexpected solutions to the most difficult, confusing or inexplicable challenges.
Please consider supporting the many incredible organizations led by Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color, offering their leadership in the movement for change.
Some links here as starting points, with special focus on Portland groups:
Right to Health Founded by Leslie Gregory, part of the processwork community. Right to Health is a Portland based nonprofit organization working to address inequities using a restorative and health perspective, and leading a campaign for the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health to declare racism a public health crisis. 

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The Play and Art of Community
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Tuesdays, June 16th & 30th
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An innerwork art making meditation for community awareness and support in creatively processing the diversity of experiences in our shared Coronavirus world!

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Wednesday, June 17th, 5:00-6:30pm PST

Case supervision provides an opportunity to develop a process-oriented approach to working with individuals, couples & groups by working with real-life examples from participants. Participants will have the opportunity to be selected to present cases from their professional or personal life & receive individualized coaching, while the group observes & learns together.
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Engaging the Inner Critic: Toward a More Fluid Inner Ecology with Rhea

Wednesday, June 24th, 4-5pm, PST
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Essential self-care at this time of great upheaval and possibility.
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Fridays, 7-8:30pm PST
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Community space to process experiences of body symptoms and their connection with larger cultural and social issues

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Processwork in Practice:
Free Introductory Online Class
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Unfolding Anxiety and Depression

Monday, June 29th, 11am - noon PST
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Mining Your Gold to Discover the Powerful Presenter Within
with Cathy Bernatt

Wednesday, July 8, 4-5:15pm
& Tuesday, July 14, 9-10:15am PST

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In this interactive case study presentation, Cathy will share tips on partnering with a client to mine their inner gold to discover the Powerful Presenter within. She will highlight how she did this in her role as a Process-oriented Executive Coach working with a senior leader who was preparing to give her first Keynote Speech. 
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Dreambody and Deep Bodywork
online class with Gary Reiss

Saturday, July 18th, 11am-2pm PST
Saturday, July 25th, 5-8pm PST
Saturday, August 1st, 11am-2pm PST
Saturday, August 8th, 5-8pm PST

Dreambody Work, with its focus on the integration of symptoms and dreams, is the foundation of Process Work. Deep bodywork skills give us access to the dreaming body and the eternal body. We will start by working on basic interventions with symptoms and dreams and then move into new methods to help us work with our most difficult, chronic symptoms and nightmares. We will learn how to use our hands and words combined to do deep bodywork focusing on trauma states, altered states, and deep trance states.

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