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It's been a challenging first six months to 2017 that has seen several terrorist attacks, article 50 triggered to formally start the Brexit process as well as a snap election and with inflation numbers showing prices rising at their fastest rate for nearly four years is there an interest rate rise finally on the horizon? 


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Mr Carney prepares to write a letter as inflation rises
The latest inflation numbers show prices rising at their fastest rate for nearly four years.
The May inflation data came as a surprise to many pundits. The expectation had been for inflation, as measured by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), to remain at April's level of 2.7%. 
Instead, National Statistics revealed that ...
Getting our hopes up for an interest rate rise?
Last month saw the first suggestion that interest rates could increase soon.
piggybank_saving.jpg In June, the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, increased short term interest rates for the second time this year and the fourth time since December 2015.
The 0.25% increase to 1.00% - 1.25% had been well signalled by Fed officials, so ...
China becomes an emerging market as MSCI finally opens up 
China-listed shares are finally to be included in the leading emerging markets index.
hong_kong_victoria.jpg As we highlighted in May, China has the world's second largest equity market, but at present shares listed on the Chinese stock exchange don't figure in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

The MSCI index is the most important equity index for ...

No summer Budget, but ...
The general election left the future of many spring Budget announcements up in the air, but that situation may soon change.
london-lights.jpg When Theresa May announced her snap election in April, it threw a major spanner in the previous month's Budget.
There was no time to pass the 776 pages of Finance Bill before Parliament shut down.
The result ...

Investment round up - 2017 half-year report
The first six months of2017 have presented investors with an interesting half year.
Think about the first six months of 2017 in the UK.  There were several serious terrorist attacks, Article 50 was triggered to start the formal Brexit process, the Budget less than perfectly executed and, to round matters off, a snap election was called, which delivered no overall majority to the winners.
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