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 ISAs are back in the headlines this month whilst the rumour mill on interest rate rises is still rolling on.  However, despite a general election, slow moving Brexit talks and inflation close to 3% investment returns were generally positive in Q3. 


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Cash ISAs losing favour
New statistics from HMRC show that cash withdrawals from ISAs are probably more than matching fresh contributions. 
In the world of ISAs, cash ISAs have long attracted more contributions than their stocks and shares counterpart.  However, the pattern has started to change.
In the last tax year, contributions to cash ISAs fell by a third according to the latest HMRC data. 
Markets look to an early interest rate rise 
The Bank of England has signalled that interest rates may rise soon. 
analyze_down_trend.jpg Early in September, the money markets were expecting the first Bank of England interest rate rise to occur in late 2018, at the earliest.
A little more than a week later, the markets' view was that there was a near 50% probability of a 0.25% base rate increase in November. 
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Gearing up for the Autumn Budget 
The Chancellor has announced the date of his first Autumn Budget as Wednesday 22 November. 
time_for_taxes.jpg The second Budget of 2017 will be both Mr Hammond's first Autumn Budget and the first Budget after the general election.

Traditionally, the first Budget of a new parliament is the chance for a Chancellor to administer the "medicine" of tax increases.

Venture capital schemes: changes afoot? 
A consultation paper issued in August could mean changes to venture capital schemes. 
business_people5.jpg At the start of the holiday season the Treasure issued an open consultation paper entitled "Financing growth in innovative firms".
Its focus was on what has become known as 'patient capital' ... 

Markets rise against the grain in Q3
The third quarter of 2017 has ended and despite the heavy political news, investment returns were generally positive. 
Think about the third quarter this year - July to September - and you might think markets had suffered a hard three months.
In the UK there was the backwash from the general election, the slowly-moving Brexit talks and inflation nudging 3%. 
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