Advice & More from Blackhawk Bank | August, 2017

Everyone loves an Introvert. All you have to do is listen! 

This is the first in a series of three Networking articles for anyone who wants (and needs) to get out there to "meet and mingle" on behalf of your company, or yourself.


Most of us have that "goofy" fear of public speaking that carries over to initiating conversation with people we don't know. Your friends at Blackhawk Bank want to share some tips with you to help alleviate that fear. Here's a guide to Networking for Introverts. Read on!

Photo of Piggy Banks and Books

Saving for College: A tutorial for parents.

Many families finance a college education with help from student loans and other types of financial aid such as grants and work-study, private loans, current income, gifts from grandparents, and other creative measures.

But savings are the cornerstone of any successful college financing plan.  Here are some creative ways to save money for College.

Photo of wallet overstuffed with receipts

Five items you should never carry in your wallet. 

What would happen if you lost your wallet, or it was stolen? Would you become vulnerable to identity theft, check fraud or misuse of your credit cards? The answer is a resounding "yes." 

This article describes what NOT to carry in your wallet. 

Image - back up your stuff - mobile devices and computer.

The S
ecurity Awareness Newsletter 

Backup & Recovery

If you use a computer or mobile device long enough, sooner or later something will go wrong, resulting in lost files, documents, or photos.  You may accidentally delete the wrong files, have a hardware failure, lose a device, or become infected with malware.

At times like these, backups are often the only way you can rebuild your digital life. In the 'OUCH' newsletter, we explain what backups are, how to back up your data, and how to develop a simple strategy. 

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