Advice & More from Blackhawk Bank | April 2018
Preparing to Buy a Home: How to Raise Your Credit Score Fast

In a hurry? There are a few reliable ways to raise your credit score quickly when you want to buy a home.

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PART III of...

What the heck is bitcoin and how does it work?

Many of us don't know much about bitcoin, so when we discovered a robust Q & A, we decided to share it with you.

Virtual Assistant Cortana Is Helping Hackers
It’s hard to imagine that a simple “Hey Cortana” can unleash malware onto your locked computer. Researchers have recently discovered that Android device voice assistant Cortana is an unwitting helper to hackers. With the popularity of mainstream virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, Cortana was a welcome member of the club...until now.

How to Ask for a Raise
The best managers know when it’s time to increase your pay for a job well done. But what if your salary hasn’t gone up in a while? What if you think you deserve to be paid more? Asking for a raise is always a tough conversation. How do you prepare for it? And how can you make it easier for your manager to say yes?

The Security Awareness Newsletter 

Stop That Phish

Email and messaging services (such as Skype, Twitter, or Snapchat) are one of the primary ways we communicate. We not only use these technologies every day for work, but also to stay in touch with friends and family. Since so many people around the world depend on these technologies, they have become one of the primary attack methods used by cyber attackers. This attack method is called phishing.

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