Advice & More from Blackhawk Bank | July 2019
Why Cybersecurity Matters to Your Business
You start a business and grow your company to a profitable entity. With success comes clients and, as with most companies, you store personal information. As a result, you hold the keys to many of the things that your customers value and treasure in their lives and it is now your responsibility to protect their personal information.

Mobile App Privacy Issues Should Concern Us All
The average smartphone user has 26 apps installed and virtually all of them have some form of security issue. Apps typically need to use data from your device to function and this means granting them permissions to access it. The biggest problem is that many, if not most apps, are granted permissions they shouldn’t have, which puts you at risk.

Tips on Getting a Fair Appraisal for Your Home if You are Selling or Refinancing

If there is a mistake on the appraisal report for your home — you (the homeowner) and a real estate agent are basically the only people who can have direct contact with the appraiser. So, it’s critical that you take the following steps and provide information to ensure that you get a fair value assessment for your home.

'OUCH!' The Security Awareness Newsletter
Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
You may find yourself needing to use public Wi-Fi for Internet access when you are away from home, such as when you are at your local restaurant or coffee shop, or when you are traveling at a hotel or airport. But how secure are these public networks and who is watching or recording what you are doing online? Protect your online activities and privacy with something called a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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