Advice & More from Blackhawk Bank | May, 2017

Get what's YOURS!

Here we are,  already into the fifth month of the year. For many, tax season is still a fresh memory, and   that's good.  The passage of time can dull the realization of all the things we can and should do to maximize our tax deductions.  We all work hard for our money - let's use all the tax breaks we can get! 

The article linked here is full of  tips and advice. Read on! 

Wine, Concerts, Fleas & Fests – Wisconsin Has It All!

Everyone’s taste for adventure is different.

Here are some fun ideas to jump start your summer! 

Which is better – a long or a short-term fixed rate Mortgage?

It really depends on your situation and your financial goals. 

If you think this article is just for newbies in the home-buying market, it’s not. 

Please read to the end of the article to see how a mortgage re-fi can be beneficial even when nearing the finish line. 

"Ouch!"  The Security Awareness Newsletter 

Securing Today’s Online Kids

The number of ways children today can go online and interact with others is staggering. From new social media apps and games to schools issuing Chromebooks, kids’  futures depend on their ability to make the most of technology.

As parents, we want to make sure they do so in a safe and secure manner. To help you, we cover the key steps to enabling today’s kids to make the most of technology safely and securely. 

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