The Blackstone Briefing
2018 March Issue
2018 EPA Updates
EPA has been busy in 2018 issuing rulemakings, priority lists, and policies.
To read more details about actions taken, click one of the links below.
Partnering with Pipeline Companies to Correct Exposures
Ongoing pipeline rehabilitation and maintenance is essential to protecting oil and gas assets and the environment surrounding this vital energy infrastructure. Blackstone specializes in stream bank stabilization and erosion control engineering to address exposed pipeline and at-risk foundations for overhead cable-suspended pipelines.
Meet & Greet 

Join us in welcoming Blackstone's Iowa professionals! Scott Mattes, P.E., CIH  and Emily Smart, PG, CPG are two well respected environmental professionals that joined the Blackstone team in January to establish our Iowa operations. 
Scott and Emily join Blackstone Environmental
Staff Scoop

The beginning of 2018 has been an exciting time for the families of our staff as they grow. We wish them much joy with their new additions!

Rowley Tedlock , Principal, became a grandfather!
Riley Jeremiah Stoll was born January 31, 2018.

Kyle Kukuk and his wife had their second child,
Conor Lawrence Kukuk on February 21, 2018.

Ed Guernsey and his wife had their first child,
Margaret Jennifer Guernsey on February 21, 2018.

Rowley and Grandson Riley
Out & About
Meet Blackstone staff at these upcoming events

Kansas Works! Conference , Mar 13-15, Hutchinson, KS

Groundwater Professionals of Iowa , March 15, Newton, IA

USACE/SAME Industry Days , Mar 26-27, Kansas City, MO

ISOSWO Spring Conference , April 5-6, Moravia, IA

Waste Expo , Apr 24-26, Las Vegas, NV
Overland Park, KS

Des Moines, IA

Iowa City, IA