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In this issue:
Linda's Kitchen Knives, 415AdvHndtls.
Sharpening Kitchen Knives

Mark Ketelsen's Go-to Smoother
Hock Tools photo album: 
Mark Ketelsen's go-to smoother.
Mark Ketelsen's go-to smoother.
The body for Mark Ketelsen's 10" x 2-3/8" smoother is made from a piece swamp white-oak from his firewood pile. The wedge is leopard wood and the sole lignum vitae.
Mark Ketelsen read David Finck's Making and Mastering Wood planes, the popular how-to for do-it-yourself wooden handplane makers.

Cover, David Finck's Making and Matering Wood Planes.

"I have never experienced tear-out, even on difficult tropical hardwoods."
                   - Mark Ketelsen

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With Richard Wile, Hermie Tolerba, Julio Diaz

You inspire us and other woodworkers with photos of the tools you make with or that use  Hock Tools
Send your photos to linda@hocktools.com . Linda will get back to you soon. 
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Ron in HOCK Shop
Ron Hock
Hock Tools is going to HandWorks May 15 &16. I'm talking woodworking's finest toolmakers, all small indie toolmakers where quality is up close and personal; the likes of Sauer & Steiner, Benchcrafted, Tools for Working Wood, Vesper Tools, Blue Spruce Toolworks, Brese Plane, Daed Toolworks, Old Street Tool...the list goes on. We hope to see you there.

If you've been a subscriber to Sharp & to the Point you'll notice a change in the look of this newsletter. We rolled out a new mobilized and modern website and thought we'd better get modern with the newsletter, too. I hope you like the change.

Our new knife kits are already popular sellers. Linda thought some advice about kitchen knives might be helpful. I'll tell you right now that Linda is still working on her sharpening skills...don't ask, okay? She gamely lifted some basics from my book, The Perfect Edge, and plans a couple more installments to cover the territory.

Mark Ketelsen's 3 modest photographs show a beautiful plane fitting Mark's hands and woodworking style. It's a good story about a log, some how-to, and an inspired result.

And, of course, if you need anything from Hock Tools, please let me know.

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Ron Hock
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Advancing Handtools:
advancinghandtoolsSharpening Kitchen Knives
Linda's Kitchen Knives, 415AdvHndtls.

I am the wife of of a knife maker and am lucky to have plenty of knives with which to chop, mince, julienne, hack, carve, pare, core, bone, slice, and spatchcock.

The knives in our kitchen are most often sharp than not. What Ron rarely does, though, is to use abrasives to reshape -grind - a knife edge. Unless the knife is out-of-shape - lost the line of its edge due to damage (because of an urge to whack at frozen food, for instance -- see the third knife from the left? - it began larger) or neglect - I want you to know that Ron's first line of defense is to use the steel...

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