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He Started It
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The Wicked Sister
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The Year of Dangerous Days
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FBI's Savich & Sherlock
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Her Royal  Spyness
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Simon Riske
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It's not yet August but in preparation for his virtual event, Keith
McCafferty, wonderful man and author, has tied a new fly for me.
This beauty with his striking colors is The Bangtail Ghost, appropriate to the Sean Stranahan thriller The Bangtail Ghost
(Viking $27) debuting here at The Pen on August 18.

This series is a must read for fans of CJ Box, Nevada Barr, Paul Doiron, and is set in Montana. I love it.

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Karin Slaughter
Virtual Book Launch
August 3 5:00 PM
MONDAY AUGUST 3 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch with Three Special Guests! (So far, they are secret but super guests... who will pop up during the program)

Karin Slaughter 
discusses  The Silent Wife (Morrow $28.99)

Preorder your signed copy to get an exclusive: a cell phone wallet to go with the book. Plus  FREE SHIPPING.

This is a brief teaser. Many of you learned to love Slaughter's thrillers by starting with those in Grant County, Georgia. 

The first, Blindsighted ($9.99), was published in almost 30 languages and made the Crime Writers' Association's Dagger Award shortlist for "Best Thriller Debut" of 2001.

The dynamics between Sara Linton, the town's pediatrician and part-time coroner and her ex-husband, Jeffrey Tolliver, who is chief of police, were compelling, and surprising. Slaughter threw a third into the mix: Tollliver's subordinate, detective Lena Adams. I personally could hardly wait for her to leave for Macon... good riddance. 

In time, a larger stage beckoned and Will Trent moved Slaughter fans to Atlanta. And then Sara became part of Will's life in the Atlanta PD, and....we keep learning more about them both. 

(I'm leaving out the standalones here).

What Slaughter has done in The Silent Wife is find a way to carry us back to Grant County, back into Jeffrey's life (OK, and Lena's). It's narrative genius. Brilliantly conceived. And so welcome!

There are other reasons to grab your copy of The Silent Wife as it does not flinch from real, heart-heavy issues. But if you are a long time Slaughter reader (or even a brand new one), you will be so gripped (and outraged) by unfolding events you will hate to put the book down until you reach the end.
Live: Lee Child hosts Mark Billingham
Sunday August 9 
1:00 PM

UK author Mark Billingham in conversation with Lee Child

Attendees will be able to ask questions of both LEE and MARK during our Facebook Live program

To attend this special event, you must purchase a copy of Billingham's Cry Baby (Grove Atlantic $26), a prequel to the hugely successful London copper Tom Thorne series, from The Pen

Cry Baby is our August International Thriller Book of the Month so the club members will automatically receive the Zoom invitation.

Your purchase means you will receive an invitation to the event shortly beforehand.


If you have not read Tom Thorne, one of the UK's best selling series, a favorite of Val McDermid, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, etc, and me for its rousing police procedurals, this is the perfect chance.

Note: This event is preceded by a conversation with Canadian Robert Pobi and his editor Keith Kahla at noon discussing Under Pressure (St Martins $26.99), equally a don't miss it event on this, our Super Sunday)

Writers Workshop with Rhys
August 1 10:30 AM
Rhys Bowen teaches a workshop on researching and writing historical fiction

Limited to 20. 888-560-9919 to register

Admission: The purchase of one copy of her new book  The Last Mrs. Summers (Berkley $26)  which The Pen launches on August 4 at 6:00 PM (9:00 PM ET)

James Carlos Blake
Neal Griffin
Tonight 6:00 PM with Patrick
James Carlos Blake discusses  The Bones of Wolfe (Grove $26)

Signed books available for both authors

At the start of Blake's rollicking new Border Noir, Eddie Gato Wolfe and a small crew aboard a boat in the Gulf of Mexico deliver a shipment of guns to members of the Mexican branch of the Wolfe clan for delivery to the Los Zetas cartel. Patrick adds: "I've been a massive fan of Blake's work for over 20 years now, from his exquisitely conceived historical novels based upon infamous outlaws (Harry Pierpont, John Wesley Harding) and complicated characters such as Bloody Bill Anderson and Pancho Villa. His current project is an ambitious, multigenerational saga chronicling the lives and exploits of the Wolfe family, a loosely-stitched clan of gun-runners with branches above and below the Mexican border. 

In the latest adventure, members of the Wolfe clan deliver a shipment of guns to a client down in the Gulf of Mexico. The guns are soon hijacked by members of an upstart group who endeavor to find favor with Sinaloan cartel boss, El Chubasco. It's up to Wolfe family to make things right. A terrific, insightful border novel. "One of his best to date," says Patrick.

Neal Griffin discusses  The Burden of Truth (Forge $27.99)

Straight-A student Omar Ortega plans to join the army after he graduates from his Vista, California, high school. He expects his wages and his savings will get his mother and 16-year-old sister, Sofia, and 13-year-old brother, Hector, into a nice house and out of the barrio where they have been since his father was deported. Omar has managed to stay away from gang life, and keep Sofia and Hector safe. One night, Chunks Gutierrez, newly released from prison, forces Omar to ride with him and two members of his gang in his car. Someone fires a gun from the car, killing a cop, and Omar is later arrested for the crime. Griffin sensitively explores Omar's plight as he's labeled a cop killer, and the emotional growth of police officer Travis Jackson, who at first is convinced Omar is guilty, but comes to realize the evidence points to another culprit. This is a tense story and painfully realistic.

Shawn A. Cosby
Tuesday 5:00 PM
Our July Crime Book of the Month
Shawn A. Cosby discusses  Blacktop Wasteland (St Martins $26.99) with Patrick

This is our July Crime Book of the Month and signed copies are sold out. A reason to sign up for one or more Books of the Month Club....

Beauregard "Bug" Montage is an honest mechanic, a loving husband, and a hard-working dad. Bug knows there's no future in the man he used to be: known from the hills of North Carolina to the beaches of Florida as the best wheelman on the East Coast. He thought he'd left all that behind him, but as his carefully built new life begins to crumble, he finds himself drawn inexorably back into a world of blood and bullets. 

Patrick says, "Mechanic Beauregard "Bug" Montage is determined to keep things on the straight and narrow, working hard and doing his best to keep his garage open. With an economy that's in the tank, however, Bug's bills are piling up. His ornery, chain-smoking mother is about to get kicked out of her nursing home, his business is about to go into foreclosure, and Bug's prospects aren't looking too good. So, when a slick-talking grifter approaches Bug to take the wheel as the getaway driver in a jewel heist caper, our man reluctantly agrees. It is the classic noir set-up: a good man who wants to put the past behind but is lured back into the game. Can he redeem himself and get back on track, or is there a part of his own nature that wants him back in the driver's seat, consequences be damned? I sure wish I'd been aware of Cosby when I was putting together  The Highway Kind ($15.99) my anthology of car-related crime stories. I definitely would have hit this terrific author up for a story. Don't miss this one, folks." 

And, "Every once in a while a writer comes along with an incredible voice. Think Elmore Leonard, or Chester Himes...add S. A. Cosby to that list."-Steve Cavanagh, agreeing with Lee Child and Patrick. I would nod to Walter Mosley as well.

Cosby received a terrific review in Sunday's NY Times Book Review, which says, looking at today's noir,

"To freshen up the vibe, some inventive authors have switched the gender of our brooding dicks, troubled them with Tourette's, launched them out to space. What about a Black mechanic from the sticks, haunted by the ghost of his missing father? Enter Beauregard "Bug" Montage, the protagonist of S. A. Cosby's "Blacktop Wasteland," a gritty, thrilling reminder that small-town America has an underbelly, too.... 

Beauregard's story begins with a high-stakes road race, on a potholed byway, accompanied by a chorus of crickets and whippoorwills. Cosby immediately displays a talent for well-tuned action, raising our heart rates and filling our nostrils with odors of gun smoke and burned rubber. But the real draw here is his evocative depiction of rural Virginia and its denizens. Cosby's voice is distinctive, and he plays a sharp-tongued Virgil as we descend into the Hades of bucolic poverty."

Brian Freeman
(Robert Ludlum)
Tuesday 6:00 PM
TUESDAY JULY 28 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Brian Freeman discusses  Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Evolution  (Putnam $28)
Signed books available

Note: Freeman will return in September with his 10th book for Jonathan Stride: Funeral for a Friend. Buy link to come.

Freeman's first Jason Bourne thriller is a treat for fans of the late Robert Ludlum. 

"Without apparent motive, a man with no known criminal history or mental illness opens fire on a Las Vegas crowd and slaughters 66 people. More than a year later, a New York congresswoman is murdered, shot in the neck. The congresswoman had been about to expose a large-scale data hacking scandal in big tech. The suspect is an "ex-government operative gone rogue" code-named Cain. That's the hero, Jason Bourne. Fans know that as Cain, he was a professional assassin before a gunshot wound stole all memory of his past. Treadstone, his former organization, believes he's out of control and wants him dead. Good luck with that, because "Bourne was a ghost. Impossible to kill." So Bourne agrees to meet secretly with a journalist in Quebec City who has written about the Vegas killings and is investigating the congresswoman's murder. Nothing goes right, of course. 

Later, Bourne agrees to find a connection between that killing and a mysterious organization called Medusa. "What follows is plenty of well-plotted action of the bloodletting variety....for a real scare, meet the superb villain Miss Shirley. She warns people, 'at all times when we are together to call me Miss Shirley.' That's in every sentence, with violations punishable by a bullet in the throat, even if she's just treated a guy to the best sex ever. The showdown between Bourne and Miss Shirley is one for the ages."- -Kirkus Starred Review

Freeman reminds us of the senseless and horrendous shooting in Las Vegas--truly real life can be beyond anyone's imagination. 

Alice Feeney
11:00 AM (from the UK)
UK authors Alice Feeney discusses  His & Hers(Flatiron $27.99)
Our July British Crime Club Book of the Month
The author is in the UK, so no signed books

When a woman is murdered in Blackdown, a quintessentially British village, newsreader Anna Andrews is reluctant to cover the case. Detective Jack Harper is suspicious of her involvement, until he becomes a suspect in his own murder investigation. Someone isn't telling the truth, and some secrets are worth killing to keep.

The NY Times writes in its review:

"Tangled plots, flawed characters and unreliable narrators have become essential ingredients of the modern crime novel.

Alice Feeney's latest fast-moving thriller has plenty of these elements for readers willing to suspend disbelief to delve into the murderous private life of a BBC News anchor.

"There are two sides to every story," Feeney's mysterious villain soliloquizes. "Yours and mine. Ours and theirs. His and hers. Which means someone is always lying."

The "her" of the title is Anna Andrews, an understudy BBC News anchor with a brittle personality and a drinking problem so chronic that she keeps miniature bottles of liquor in her purse.

The "his" of the title is Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harper, a middle-aged detective who gave up on the London rat race for low-key policing in Blackdown. A burglary is the worst crime that Detective Harper handles in this quaint village surrounded by forests." 

Secrets abound. Is either narrator reliable?

"A brilliant cat and-mouse game... [a] volatile, tension- and thought-provoking mix." -- says  Booklist

"Feeney does a masterly job of folding in layers of several characters' troubled shared pasts and explosive secrets. The breathtaking finale is sure to blindside readers. This is a masterpiece of misdirection." -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

Feeney spent fifteen years with BBC News where she worked as a reporter, news editor, arts and entertainment producer, and One O'Clock news producer.

Sometimes I Lie, her bestselling debut novel, is being made into a TV series by a major film studio. His & Hers is her third novel and has been snapped up for TV also. Clearly she is a formidable rising star in crime fiction.
Samantha Downing
Adele Parks
Stephanie Wrobel
Wednesday 12:00 PM
Samantha Downing discusses  He Started It (Berkley $26)
Signed copies available

A summer road trip? Out of the way tourist traps? Look no farther. 

Beth Morgan's wryly humorous narration belies the high-stakes skullduggery that awaits her and her two estranged adult siblings on the cross-country road trip they're forced into taking with their grandfather's ashes in order to claim slices of his fortune, in this deliciously devious psycho thriller from the author of bestseller
My Lovely Wife ($16). 

According to the terms of the will, Beth, overbearing big brother Eddie, and frosty baby sister Portia must retrace the oddball odyssey westward from Atlanta they took 20 years earlier with gramps, a traumatic trip that was intended to give their parents some alone time to save their marriage but would tear their family apart. The reboot starts inauspiciously with a truck running the travelers off the road in rural Alabama and subsequently tailing them. As backstabbing, bizarre occurrences (including the disappearance of the ashes) and betrayals pile up, Downing discloses the clan's deeply buried secrets. The journey ends in a shocking, if head-spinning, showdown in the Nevada desert. Those with a taste for suspense with a wicked kick will be rewarded.

Adele Parks discusses  Lies, Lies, Lies (Mira $17.99)
The author is in the UK, no signed books

A multitude of lies swirls around the supposedly happy marriage of Daisy, a London primary school teacher, and Simon Barnes, an interior designer. Six years earlier, their family seemed to be complete with the birth of a daughter after a decade of trying to conceive and endless rounds of IVF failures. But Simon, who drinks to excess and "holds no truck with contentment," demands they try for a second child, no matter the financial or emotional cost, especially for Daisy. Simon's alcoholism spirals out of control, exacerbated when he learns it may be impossible for them to conceive. Soon, Simon is missing family events, staying out all night, and taking his anger out on Daisy. Then, Simon's behavior at their best friends' party results in a near fatal car accident. Much worse follows... Parks paints a dark portrait of how alcoholism can tear a whole house as well as friends, even bystanders, down.

Stephanie Wrobel discusses The Recovery of Rose Gold 
(Joseph $35) Signed copies -- 3 left

"Sensationally good--two complex characters power the story like a nuclear reaction, and won't let you forget them. After five years in prison, Patty Watts is finally free. All she wants is to put old grievances behind her, reconcile with her daughter-and care for her new infant grandson. When Rose Gold agrees to have Patty move in, it seems their relationship is truly on the mend. But Rose Gold knows her mother. Knows she's a really good liar. Patty won't rest until she has her daughter back under her thumb. Which is inconvenient because Rose Gold wants to be free of Patty.... This debut published in the US as Darling Rose Gold (Berkley $26) was to be our April First Mystery Book of the Month but then Wrobel was unable to visit from the UK.

Karen Dionne
Thursday 5:00 PM
THURSDAY JULY 30 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Karen Dionne discusses  The Wicked Sister (Putnam $28)
Signed books available

"Rachel Cunningham, the protagonist of this devastating, magic realism-dusted psychological thriller has been guilt-ridden for 15 years since a twin tragedy she can't remember-her mother's murder and father's apparent suicide-when she was 11 at her family's vast wilderness estate on Michigan's Upper Peninsula."

Rachel has voluntarily confined herself to a decaying mental institution, where one day she gains access to the original police report, obtained somehow by a fellow patient's brother, that sparks the faint hope she's not responsible for her parents' deaths-and sends her back to the family estate, where her brilliant but scary older sister, Diana, and their aunt still live, to try to figure out what really happened. But Rachel's mission soon becomes far more perilous than she anticipated. 

As Rachel scrambles to remain undetected, the tension at times becomes almost unbearable, especially as the reader becomes privy to critical information unknown to Rachel via flashbacks narrated by her late mother. "Dionne paints a haunting portrait of a family hurtling toward the tragic destiny they can foresee but are powerless to stop." 

Not sure I agree about powerless to stop. What is devastating is Dionne's ruthless portrait of a true psychopath and an unwillingness to acknowledge one -- something often seen in real life.
Nicholas Griffin 
in conversation with
John Sandford
Thursday 6:00 PM
Nicholas Griffin in conversation with John Sandford 

Our copies come with a postcard of 1980s Miami. This true crime epic has already reprinted so order one of our first prints quickly.
It's been given rave reviews in the New York Times and other media.

And who better to interview Griffin than John Sandford (real name John Camp) who was reporting at the  Miami Herald at this time? 

Here's one of the  Starred Reviews: 

Miami-based journalist Griffin employs his trade with gusto in this deeply investigated account of real American carnage at the height of the drug war. The narrative begins with the death of Arthur McDuffie, a black former Marine who was killed by police after a high-speed chase. The events that follow would have massive ramifications. 

Rather than simply depicting the big picture, the author zeroes in on three critical figures to parse the tumult from different points of view: Edna Buchanan was the Miami Herald crime reporter who not only fielded the murder investigation, but unearthed the vein of corruption and police brutality inside the department. 

Charged with uniting the city in the face of multiple crises was Mayor Maurice Ferré, who engaged the media, the tourist industry, and the city's powerful businessmen to help a simmering city that was on the verge of falling apart. 

Two other factors added dynamite to the bonfire. One was the infamous Mariel boatlift, during which Fidel Castro attempted to rid his country of criminals, patients in insane asylums, troublesome activists, and other "antisocial elements" by dumping 125,000 Cuban refugees into the state of Florida. 

The other was the relatively new phenomenon of cocaine smuggling, which added significantly to both the proliferation of corruption and the city's crime rate, especially violent crimes. 

This is a series of stories that have been depicted in other books and publications, but Griffin's engrossing use of primary sources and cogent analyses of how all the pieces fit together results in a propulsive story about the dangerous ways people learn to live together. An engrossing, peek-between-your-fingers history of an American city on the edge."

Which as we see daily in the news is happening again in our cities.
Our August Calendar
Be sure to check back as each month is a work in progress now

Writers Workshop
Rhys Bowen teaches a workshop on researching and writing historical fiction
Limited to 20. Admission; The purchase of one copy of her new book  The Last Mrs. Summers (Berkley $26)
Call 888-560-9919 or 480-947-2974 to register 

Catherine Coulter discusses Deadlock (SimonSchuster $27.99)
Signed copies available

Erica Ruth Neubauer discusses Murder at the Mena House  
(St Martins $27)
Our August First Mystery Book of the Month
Signed copies sold out
MONDAY AUGUST 3 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch with Three Special Guests! (So far, they are secret but super guests....)

Karin Slaughter
discusses The Silent Wife (Morrow $28.99)
Preorder your signed copy to get an exclusive: a cell phone wallet to go with the book. 
TUESDAY AUGUST 4 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Rhys Bowen discusses The Last Mrs. Summers (Berkley $26)
Her Royal Spyness

Christopher Reich signs The Palace (LittleBrown $28)
Signed books available

Mary Kowal discusses The Relentless Moon (Tor $31) with Pat
Our first 15 orders will get an Artemis Base spaceflight patch and all orders will ship with a special postcard
Signed books available. Unsigned pbk: The Relentless Moon ($17.99)
Hank Phillippi Ryan discusses The First to Lie (Forge $27.99)
Signed books available
Fiona Davis in conversation with Kate Quinn
Davis discusses The Lions of Fifth Avenue
(Dutton $27)
Our August Crime Fiction Book of the Month
Signed books available
Canadian author Robert Pobi discusses Under Pressure 
(St Martins $26.99) with his editor Keith Kahla
Lee Child in conversation with Mark Billingham
Billingham's prequel to the Tom Throne series is Cry Baby (Atlantic $26)
The purchase of a copy of Cry Baby is required for your invitation to the Zoom event. Free shipping for Cry Baby

MONDAY AUGUST 8 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
T Jefferson Parker discusses Then She Vanished (Putnam $27)
PI Roland Ford
Signed books available
Matt Goldman discusses Dead West (Forge $26.99)
PI Nils Shapiro
David Ricciardi discusses  Black Flag (Berkley $28)
Jake Keller thriller
Signed books available for both books
James Lee Burke discusses  A Private Cathedral (Simon Schuster $28) with Patrick and me
Dave Robicheaux
Signed books available
Karen Rose discusses Say No More (Berkley $26) with John
Sacramento Series police procedural
Ariel Sabar discusses  Veritas (Knopf $29.95)
Journalist Sabar's investigation of a sensational religious forgery
has the force of a thriller
This is THE book to read after finishing Daniel Silva's The Order
SATURDAY AUGUST 15 1:00 PM Victorian Mystery
Jennifer Ashley discusses  Murder in the East End (Berkley $16)
Dianne Freeman discusses
Signed books available for both books
SATURDAY AUGUST 15 2:00 PM 18th Century Mystery
Elsa Hart discusses  The Cabinets of Barnaby Mayne (St Martins $26.99)
Our August Historical Fiction Book of the Month
Signed books available
MONDAY AUGUST 17 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Kevin Hearne discusses the spinoff from The Iron Druid Chronicles  Ink & Sigil (Del Rey $28)
Signed bookplates from Canadian resident Hearne
Jonathan Slaght presents a power point/discussion of 
Owls of the Eastern Ice (St Martins $28)
Fascinating nature writing. Photos
TUESDAY AUGUST 18 7:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Keith McCafferty discusses  The Bangtail Ghost (Viking $27)
Montana's Sean Stranahan
Signed books available
David Joy discusses When These Mountains Burn (Putnam $27) with Patrick
Signed books available
UK's Rosie Walsh hosts Kate Riordan
Riordan discusses  The Heatwave (Grand Central $27)
Owen Laukkanen discusses  Lone Jack Trail (Mulholland $28)
Winslow & Burke, Deception Cove
Heather Gudenkauf discusses  This Is How I Lied (Park Row $17.99)
Julia Heaberlin discusses  We Are All the Same in the Dark (Ballantine $27)
Signed books available for Heaberlin
The Jungle Red Bloggers hang out with us
Rhys Bowen, Lucy Burdette, Deborah Crombie, Hallie Ephron, Jenn McKinlay, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Julia Spencer-Fleming
Hank Phillippi Ryan, The First to Lie (Forge $27.99
Rhys Bowen,  The Last Mrs. Summers (Berkley $26)
Lucy Burdette, The Key Lime Crime  (Crooked Lane $26.99)
Jenn McKinlay, Paris Is Always a Good Idea  (Berkley $16)
Hallie Ephron, Careful What You Wish For  ( $16.99)
Julia Spencer-Fleming, Hid from Our Eyes (St Martins $27.99)
Deborah Crombie, A Bitter Feast (Morrow $25.99)
Signed books by Ryan, Bowen, and McKinlay available
MONDAY AUGUST 24 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
William Kent Krueger in conversation with David Heska Wanbli Weiden
Weiden discusses his debut Winter Counts (Ecco $34.99)
Signed books available
Wendy Corsi Staub discusses
The Butcher's Daughter (Morrow $8.99) with John
Sandra Brown in conversation with Linda Castillo
Brown discusses  Thick as Thieves (Grand Central $28)
Signed books available
Sophie Hannah in conversation with Alex Pavesi
Hannah discusses her new Hercule Poirot 
The Killings at Kingfisher Hill (Harper $27.99) available September 15
Pavesi discusses his Christie-style debut  The Eighth Detective (Holt $26.99)
Signed UK editions of both books available
SATURDAY AUGUST 29 2:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Co-authors CS Harris, Anna Lee Huber, Susanna Kearsley, Christine Trent discuss  The Deadly Hours (Sourcebooks $16.99)
Our copies come with a folded Monster & Mermaids poster, bookplates signed by the authors, and anyone who orders by August 29 is entered into a drawing for a fabulous Gift Basket

Our July Books of the Month
First, thank you for your response to The Pen's Books of the Month. The rise in membership means we can do a better job securing signed and unsigned books for you

The Crime Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
(We renamed the Crime Collectors Book of the Month to this shorter title)
Cosby, S.A. Blacktop Wasteland  signed books sold out

British Crime Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Feeney, Alice. His & Hers
Cozy Crimes Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Gerber, Daryl. A Sprinkling of Murder
Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month  One Signed hardcover First per month
[Fantastic = fabulous, not fantasy]
Farmer, Edward A. Pale    sold out
First Mystery Book of the Month Club  One Signed hardcover First per month
Clark, Julie. The Last Flight -- already a NY Times bestseller
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Historical Fiction Club  One Signed hardcover First per month
Wade, James.  All Things Left Wild    sold out
International Crime Book of the Month One Unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Perrin, Valérie. Fresh Water for Flowers
SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month One hardcover or paperback per month signed when possible. Our July Pick is by an NZ author and not signed.

Note: going forward with July joining a club means your book will ship separately from any other orders, and Free.

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Mystery-of-the-Month Club 

Looking for something new to read each month and aren't sure what to choose?  Let us help... And it makes a great gift 
The Mystery-of-the-Month Club is individually tailored to each customer's specific tastes.  Just let us know what kinds of mysteries you enjoy, whether your looking for signed hardcover books or paperbacks, and we'll take it from there!
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