Hello Friends!

Despite the heavy rain forcing our construction crews to take a day off last Thursday, they are still making great progress!

They have completed installing underground conduit through all of the downtown Texas Township area along Q Avenue and 8th Street, and also down Vineyard Parkway. They are now working on placing pedestals along those routes, so they should be out of the way soon.

The crews have also continued placing pedestals along the other conduit routes. They have continued to work their way south on 10th Street and are currently just to the north of Chadeau Avenue. They should be all the way down to Q Ave. in a couple of days.

Additionally, the 12th Street crew has continued burying conduit down Heathrow, while also doing some of the side streets along the way.

On the Applegate side of the neighborhood, crews have started along Percheron Street today, and will be making their way toward Belgian Avenue this week.

They should be moving further into Applegate beginning next week.
That's all for this week! Be on the lookout for this newsletter every Tuesday at 4:30.

Click here to view a short aerial video of the downtown 4 corners area!