Lisa Blayton

Ebb and Flow
9" x 4" x 4"
Lisa Blayton
Myrtle Beach, SC 

I am a Clemson University graduate and a South Carolina native. I have lived in the Palmetto state "from the mountains to the coast". I grew up in rural upper South Carolina with rolling hills, wildlife and endless greenery forming my childhood memories. As an adult, I have enjoyed living near the coast with endless beaches, crashing waves and peaceful marsh scenery. 

My love for porcelain began over 20 years ago. I never tire of its translucent beauty. The soft, elegant glow of porcelain balances its reputation of being a very difficult medium to master. Frankly, I believe this is exactly why I am drawn to it; I enjoy the challenge. Each piece is a canvas just waiting to have its personality discovered. 

I use various porcelain techniques and enjoy combining traditional and contemporary methods with bits and pieces of "what if". Every free form sculpture is unique in form and color. It cannot be duplicated due to the hand sculpting and kiln methods. Often I incorporate recycled glass and organic fabrics in my work as well as hand applied precious metals. 

A perfect studio day has lots of sunshine, happy tunes blaring and several "what if experiments" in progress. 
- Lisa Blayton