Lisa Blayton
Oil on Porcelain
11  ½" x 11 ½"
Lisa Blayton
Myrtle Beach, SC

"I have lived in the Palmetto state from the mountains to the coast.  I grew up in rural, upper South Carolina with rolling hills, wildlife and endless greenery. As an adult, I have enjoyed beautiful beaches and peaceful marsh scenery. 

South Carolina is steeped in tradition and history yet it constantly welcomes change. I love seeing historical buildings scattered among high rises and open green spaces along highways. 

I apply this inclusive concept to my artwork. Using techniques from the 1800's, I kiln fire porcelain forms, clay and overglaze oils to create traditional paintings as well as contemporary sculptural pieces. Southern plants, scenes and landscapes are some of my favorite subjects. I am a Clemson University graduate so I do enjoy sneaking a tiger in my work from time to time. My free form sculptures incorporate organic fabrics such as cotton, hand applied metals and recycled glass to mirror shapes and textures found in nature. 

My love for porcelain never tires. It has a soft, translucent glow that balances its reputation as a difficult, unpredictable medium. Frankly, I believe this is exactly why I am drawn to it. I enjoy the challenge; I enjoy the mix of old and new."
-Lisa Blayton