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Holy cats we went high tech and green all in one swift move! Now ready for our 2.0 Readers we have converted some of our books into Kindle format! So far we have 30 titles ready for downloading on your Kindle or other device that runs the Kindle app.


Books range from 99 Cents to $2.99


We have available some of our best work from Bill Berkson, Anne Waldman, Amy King, JJ Colagrande, Tom Clark, Deborah A. Meadows, Gloria Frym, Travis Macdonald and many, many more! At this price, why wait, hop on your technology and get reading! Hurray!


We plan on converting as many of our titles to this format in the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye out for your favorite title. We plan to present most of our catalog in this format, at this price!



We are also Kindle ready internationally!!!

Great Britian and Germany find us on and


Soon we will have our books up in the iTunes store for their program, iBooks. But that's another email for another day!


Rockets, Geoffrey





Weird Books don't grow on Weird Trees!
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Kindle Titles
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Use your Kindle and iPad, or other device to download our Kindle books! Most of our books are 99 Cents! So hop to it and get reading! 




As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words."-William Shakespeare




First Baby Poems by Anne Waldman | 


Slaves to Do These Things by Amy King | 


To Be Sung by Michael Kelleher | 


too ok by Colin Herd | 


The Carcasses: A Fable by Raymond Federman | 


At the Fair by Tom Clark| 


Feeling for the Ground by Tom Clark | 


Hi-Density Politics by Tomas Urayoan Noel | 


Headz by JJ Colagrande | 


A Testament To Love & Other Losses by Wade Stevenson | 


Secrets of My Prision House by Geoffrey Gatza | 


The Paris Poems by Suzanne Burns | 


From Old Notebooks Evan Lavender Smith | 


For the Ordinary Artist Short Reviews, Occasional Pieces and More  by Bill Berkson| 


Historic Diary by Tony Trigilio | 


Art Fraud by Jeffrey Schrader | 


N7ostradamus by Travis Macdonald | 


Runoff by Clay Matthews | 


Mind Over Matter by Gloria Frym | 


You'd Be A Stranger, Too by David Wirthlin | 


Theoretical Animals by Gary J. Shipley | 


Surface Tension by David Peak| 


The Antiracism Trainings by David Reich | 


Sky Booths In the Breath Somewhere, The ASHBERY ERASURE Poems by david dodd lee | 


Saccade Patterns by Deborah A. Meadows | 


So It Seams by Chuck Richardson | 


Letters To An Albatross by Anitia Mohan | 


The Equation that Explains Everything by Andrew Cox | 


Che. by Peter Money | 


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We seek to publish the innovative works of the greatest minds writing poetry today, from the most respected senior poets to extraordinarily promising young writers. We select for publication only the highest quality of writing on all levels regardless of commercial viability. Our outlets of publication strive to enrich cultural and intellectual life, and foster regional pride and accomplishments.

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