Exciting news for our Mosin Nagant rifle customers...

Rhineland Arms is now producing the Leopard stock for Mosin Nagant rifles. All are made out of walnut. We have both unblemished and blemished in stock.

Blemished Mosin Nagant Leopard stocks are ON SALE!! These stocks have slight blemishes and are in the unfinished state, walnut. Very limited supply

SALE: 300 AAC Blackout for Mauser
300 AAC barrels for the Mauser are the perfect item for your small ring action that is too old for the 308. On sale $99

NOW IN STOCK: Mauser Large Ring Scope Mounts
Side mount scope mounts for the large ring Mauser are now in stock. An easy and great way to mount scopes without destroying crest and logos. We released the small ring scope mounts last month and are also available. We are currently running an introductory sale!

COMING SOON: HK G3/Cetme 45acp Conversion Kits $160
We expect to have these in stock near the end of September/ early October. We will begin taking orders soon!

Vepr Tiger Maple grade 1 stocks are back in inventory and they have very good stripes. Vepr stock link

Mauser ejectors are on back order, they are expected back in stock on September 24th. This is holding back Mauser 45 and 39 kits from shipping. We are taking currently taking backorders and will fill them as soon as ejectors are in stock.

450 Bushmaster barrels for Remington 700, Savage and Mauser large ring will be back in stock early October!

Rhineland Arms Tumblers. Each one is laser engraved with a black rifle of your choice. We currently have 3 types available, the M16, UMP and Mp.
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