Blended Internal Auditor Training
"Probably one of the BEST approaches to Internal Auditor Training"
Our Blended Internal Auditor training is one of the most effective ISO 14001:2015 programs available. This is a flexible and focused program that leverages multiple learning styles to help students become highly-effective auditors. We combined the following learning platforms:

  • Instructor Lead Classes
  • Video Instruction Lessons
  • Self-Directed Workshops

Many internal auditor programs are crammed into 2 or 3 days overwhelming new students using generic training materials. We spread out the time to allow students to absorb the information and develop auditing skills.

The "Blended" approach provides flexibility and the workshops help them better understand THEIR own EMS. The instructor led webinars will be 4-hour sessions once a week for 3 weeks. Before and between classes, the students will watch video lessons and complete EMS auditing workshops at their own pace.

Topics will include - conducting effective site tours, how to develop auditing programs and checklist, conducting effective interviews, and many more.

Our next public session will be January 15, 22, and 29, 2021!! Please email us and we will provide a detailed course description and pricing information.

This program can also be designed specifically for your organization and we will integrate your EMS materials into the training. We look forward to hearing from you!!!
  • $975 30-day Prepayment
  • $1,275 Prepaid (before start of class)
  • $1,475 Purchase Order (net 10-days)
Sincerely, James Charles, PE