from the
Mission of Divine Mercy
A Marian Meditation...

"My God is completely present in this Child of mine. The mercy of the Father is made visible in the newborn Infant who utters His first plaintive cries.
Divine Mercy has given His Fruit to you: together let us prostrate ourselves and adore the Merciful Love who has been born for us.
Together let us kiss His little Heart, which has just begun to beat with love for us.
It is the very Heart of God.
It is the new heart of the world.
Receive Him with love, with joy and with immense blessedness. And let there come forth from your heart the hymn of perennial gratitude for this Child, virginally given to you by me who, on this holy night, have become for all the Mother of Divine Mercy."

From the Marian Movement of Priests Book
Our Christmas Gift to you.**
Every year at this time we offer a special novena of Masses. This novena started with the Christmas Eve Mass that has just concluded, and continues through New Year's Day. These Masses are offered for you and for your intentions. It is the most powerful way we can think of to say thank you for all of your friendship and support throughout the year. So gather up all of your special intentions, your joys and heartaches, your pain and grief. We will place them in the Chalice that Fr. John Mary lifts at the Consecration, and the Angels will carry them to the Throne of the Father who is all Mercy and Love.

** This novena is offered for our Bethany Associates. A Bethany Associate is anyone who considers themselves a friend of the Mission. A friend is anyone who supports us with their presence, prayers, volunteer time or finances. That's just about everyone reading this Meditation.

May the
Christ Child
fill your home with His Merciful Love,

The Community and Staff of
The Mission of Divine Mercy

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