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Issue: 30       

January 2016

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TM Training & Certification classes   will start
January 19, 2016
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"Leading men and women down the path of discipleship"
This is a series of twelve week semesters in which a person can receive some inner healing as well as receive training on how to minister inner healing and deliverance to a hurting family member, neighbor or friend.

It is an excellent resource for churches to send their leadership  teams for "pastoral counseling"  ministry. Our mission is to help pastors with the heavy load of pastoral care.

Part I is: "The Keys to Inner Healing"
Part II is: "Expanded Ministry Tools"
Part III is: "Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance"

All three classes will be offered this semester and for more information about each class and its curriculum go to
 TM Certification requires all three classes taken in order but anyone desiring to increase in the knowledge of God and learn to be more effective and productive for the Kingdom is welcomed to come to any class.

Tuition and books for each class is $150.00
Students that enroll two new students to Part I can receive a $75 discount from their tuition!
Click here to register NOW!

PLEASE, do not skip this class because of cost...

Financial assistance and scholarships are available on a limited basis and must be applied for. For more information contact Jan Cusimano at 205-991-4988



TM is a Christian non-profit ministry that is supported directly by the donations of individuals.

We provide most of the following services to families or individuals in our community with no fees or costs to the families. Some specialized services ask for a donation:  

1. Biblical Counseling for families  or individuals dealing with:       
    -   Inner Healing for the
        Wounded Heart
    -   Marriage
    -   Children
          - Asberger & Autism              - Play Therapy
          - Learning Disabilities
    -   Teen Struggles 
    -   Substance Abuse
    -   After-Care Training 
    -   Interventions 
    -   Addiction Sponsorship
    -   Same Sex Attractions
    -   Parent "Coaching"
           - Mentoring Dads
           - Single Moms
2. Support Groups for parents, spouses or individuals affected by substance abuse.

3. Resource assistance for anyone looking for detox, drug rehab or aftercare.

4. Transformation and recovery mentoring for men and women looking for help.

Please pray for the continued blessings of the Lord on this work for the Kingdom. If you'd like to help, you can donate on line at:

We can take monthly donations via credit cards or mail in support to: Transformation Ministries,
P.O. Box 282, Chelsea, AL. 35043.  

   Happy New Year
As the waves of life come to your shores may your 2016 be blessed and prosperous. Our prayer for you is Philippians 4:19, "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."
From all of us at Transformation Ministries, we wish you a very blessed New Year!
                                                 Rock & Vicki

Why do I get so angry?
"If I'm a Christian and I've prayed for forgiveness, been to countless healing sessions, had counseling, read all the books, even been to TM classes, why do I still get so angry?"

I think a lot of people struggle with anger and rage and try their best to control it but usually to no avail. Inevitably something triggers their anger and snap...there are words not meant to be said, and actions taken not really meant to happen. Something small turns into a major fight and things get out of control.

So is anger a sin? Am I a bad Christian/person because I get angry? Actually, in my experience, anger is a "red flag" emotion that the Lord created us to experience to let us know something is wrong. The truth is that anger results from two things; Fear and Control. We get angry when we fear we are going to lose something that we love, fear that something will happen to something we care about or fear that I will not get what I want.  And when that happens we sense that we are losing CONTROL! And for a lot of people that is a very scary place to be. Because if we lose control then we aren't absolutely sure that things will be right and if they are not totally right, well then there must be something wrong with me and I don't like that feeling or thought. So I get angry and begin to let my emotions rise to the occasion and then... lose control of my emotions.

Before I go on, lets stop there for a second and look at another truth about what we believe. We know scientifically now that we will not do anything we don't believe unless a gun is put to our heads. And our "Will" is the action button for our belief system. There are two forces vying for control of that "Will". One is our soul which is our emotions, mind and feelings and the other is our spirit which for Christians is following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. So every day there is a continuous battle between our soul and spirit over which will control our "Will" --which will eventually cause us to take actions based on beliefs.

So back to getting angry. Lets say we are in a heated discussion with our spouse because they are "falsely accusing" me of something that I believe is not true. I begin to get angry. Why? Could it be that I fear my spouse does not love me and this accusation makes me look wrong and that will make her not love me more. So my fear begins to grow and I sense that I am losing control of her love or approval so what can I do to stop this very uncomfortable feeling? I get angry, which sounds the "warning, warning" alarm that things are not good here.

Now the battle for the "Will" kicks in and here is where we can win or lose the battle. If we let our soul take over...our emotions, mind and feelings...we give in to the fear and loss of control and that anger now begins to control our actions and words. We FEEL condemnation, judgement and rejection...maybe even a little disrespect. We lose control and we snap. Ephesians 4:26 says, "In your anger do not sin, do not let the sun go down on your anger..."  Anger is not the sin, it is what follows, that becomes the sin. 

The alternative to that is we let our Holy Spirit led spirit take over our will and we begin to see the situation through the eyes of Father God's love verses condemnation. Here in lies the key to this whole discussion. If we can learn to walk in the presence of the Lord, in the fullness of his Agape Love, then when our spouse says things to us, even if critical, we don't react with fear or condemnation. We don't always take it personally. Maybe its not about me at all. Maybe he or she was just having a bad day and I need to ask about that? The bible says, "perfect love casts out all fear..." Proverbs 15:1 says, "A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger."

So what does all this mean? You might say, "I just don't want to have all these emotional fights all the time"? Well, the answer is this. Anger is the warning sign, when you feel it you need to run to the arms of the Father in Heaven and find security and warmth in the arms of His embrace. If you don't know what that feels like or looks like, then the Father is calling you to come discover it. When we truly understand the Father's love for us and can walk with Him in close relationship, then when our earthly relationships start to heat up, we can choose to let our spirit control our "Will" rather than our soul. Without the love and acceptance of the Father being part of our belief system...our deep understanding....our knowledge of Him, we will almost always fall back to our soulish reactions and allow fear and control to enter into the relationship.

If you want to have victory over the anger in your life, then follow the road map laid out in Proverbs 2:1-5. "If you apply your heart to understanding, call out for insight... search for it as hidden treasure... then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find knowledge of Abba Father..."

Jesus got angry. He just didn't let his "Will" be controlled by his soul....He reacted in accordance with the spirit of the Father. That's what we need to learn to do as well. One last thought...the key is we have to learn to do these things. It doesn't come natural. So don't give up. Keep seeking the Father's embrace and the Father's touch. The promise is that if you seek him you will find him.


Isaiah 50:10-11