St Anthony Church Newsletter
Today we hear a young Solomon meekly asking God for wisdom and
understanding so that he might properly distinguish right from wrong and
judge with kindness and compassion. We often find ourselves misleading
ourselves about right and wrong or judging others hastily and unfairly. Let's take this opportunity to pray that we may be like Solomon and welcome God’s wisdom and mercy into our lives so that we can be guided in using right judgment.
The 11:15 Mass will continue to be live-streamed for the time being.
Therefore St Anthony Church will broadcast on Facebook LIVE Sundays at 11:15 am .
The video of the Mass will be available on this page of our website after the Mass is complete.
Guidelines for Attending Mass
While some might feel these guidelines are stringent, it is important that guidelines are followed, that we respect all parishioners and be sure that everyone feels comfortable attending Mass.

  • Please bring a face mask to wear, as it is required as you enter, while inside and as you exit. Please be sure to cover your mount and nose with the mask, not just your mouth.
  • Pews will be marked off to assist with social distancing. Please use the side aisles to move from the front of the church to the back.
  • Please use the center aisle to move from the back of the church towards the sanctuary.
  • Singing has been shown to increase the spread of COVID-19. However, please feel free to hum to the music during Mass.
  • Hand sanitizer is currently available, please have your own as well.
  • We ask that you mark where you sit with a post-it-note, which will be available at the entrances.
  • Missalettes will be removed from the pews, if you would like to take one home and bring it back with you each time you come to Mass, you may do that.  
  • The tape on the seats is not meant to be sat on. Every other pew is marked with either 2 spots in the middle or several spaces on the ends. Please only sit where there is no tape. (See photos below)
  • When leaving , please leave in one direction down the side aisles or in one direction up the center aisle, towards the sanctuary, following the arrows. Please leave space between each other, allowing a little extra time to exit.

Collection Procedure:
  • One of the guidelines is that we cannot have the ushers passing the basket to receive your offertory envelopes.
  • Three collection boxes will be available inside the church and they will be emptied in the presence of 2 ushers, after every Mass, into a secure bag. 
  • If there is a second collection, please put your donation for that collection into a separate envelope. If it is a plain envelope, please mark it with the specific collection that it is for. 
  • If you put loose cash in the box, it will be recorded under the weekly offering. Thank you.
Communion Procedure:
  • Please make one line, not two when going to receive Communion. When you reach Father and Deacon Domenic, that is when you can go left or right, depending on which side of the church you are seated on.
  • Please use the markers for distancing while on line. Families can stay together.
  • Once in front of Father or Deacon, please extend your hands out flat to receive the consecrated host, as you walk away, pause at the X on the floor, lower your mask, consume the host, put your mask back on and return to your pew down the side outside aisle.
SPAM hits our parishioners and advertisers

Parishioners have recently been receiving emails/texts allegedly from Father Gregory with the subject line "PLEASE GET BACK TO ME ASAP." or "I need your help"
Be aware that this is a phishing scam, and was not generated by Father or anyone at the Parish Center.
If you receive such an email or text , please delete it immediately. For your own protection, please that  DO NOT RESPOND.
If you have questions or concerns, please call the Parish Office to verify.
 If you have your email or phone number in the bulletin as contact info or as an advertiser, unfortunately, you may receive spam.  
We are so happy to announce our First Holy Communion has been rescheduled due to the pandemic to Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 11 Am. We thank the families for their patience, as we waited for the proper approval to “re-open” for weekend Masses. The celebration of this sacrament for our young children will look very different from years past, but most important, is that they do receive the sacrament here at our church. Please keep our 19 smiling children in your prayers!
Also if anyone is making masks, please contact Andrea  
Baptism Preparation Classes
If you are expecting a child to be born or have a newborn, please call the office to inquire about the in-person and virtual options for the Baptismal preparation classes.
Garden Volunteers Needed
If you have spare time and like to be outside, you are invited to come to pull weeds
around the church and parish center. Although several hours each week are dedicated to
this task by one of our staff members, it is still difficult to keep up. No commitment is
necessary and you can call the office if you have any questions.
Have a garden? Share your crops!

The Prospect Senior Center is making 3 meals a week and 70 deliveries!
If you would like to share, please drop off your produce M-F from 9 – 4 at 6 Center Street, and leave it outside on a bench at the center. Then call 203-758-5300 and let an employee know you left food.
Fresh items will be used in their meals and any abundance will be given to those who receive assistance from the Prospect Food Bank.
If you live in a neighboring town and would like to donate, please call your local food bank or town hall for information.
Keep the LaBonne’s receipts coming!
We tallied over $30,000.00 worth so far!
(see below for details)

Please consider joining us to play or supporting the event as a sponsor!
Click here to download the flyer and return with payment.
All Information can be found on this page of our website
St. Anthony Church Meditation Garden Walkway Fundraiser is ongoing.
Thank you to everyone who has already ordered a brick!
Honor someone you love with a beautiful stone in our Meditation Garden Walkway.

Please download the form to order:
Bingo is cancelled until further notice.
thank you for all who have supported us in the past and we look forward to when we can have a HUGE Jackpot again!
When shopping Amazon, you can choose to use Amazon Smile* and a percentage of your order will be donated to St. Anthony Church, specifically for the refurbishing of the Church hall.
Click on the photo to get started!
* We encourage supporting local businesses, direct trade and fair trade partners as well as environment considerations when making purchases. If you do choose to use Amazon Smile and you don’t need your item immediately, please don’t choose overnight/rush delivery because this often forces people to work on Sunday. 
Labonnes Cash for Charities Rebate Program
  • Please save your Labonne's cash register receipts. (Keep an envelope in you car to easily save them)
  • Every couple of months submit them to St. Anthony Church, via the mail or by dropping them off at the parish center. We will receive 1/2% back. 
  • Thank you to everyone who has been sending in their slips, keep them coming!

Please consider using online giving for your financial support.
The consistency from online giving is very helpful over vacation periods. You may still use your envelopes and mark “I gave online”. 
Thank you and God bless you for all you do for St. Anthony Church!
Parish Mission Statement
St. Anthony Church is a parish where God’s love nourishes the soul to actively minister to people and share the joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

St. Anthony Church
4 Union City Road – Prospect, CT 06712
203-758-4056 .