Blessed with Parents and In-Laws...
How many married people out there are blessed with 2 parents and 2 in-laws still living? Or if you’re single, how many parents?

CEO Anthony Falco says he remembers when growing up, “wow, I’m so lucky I still have two grandparents alive” when he realized many of his friends didn't. Now a “few years later” we asked Anthony the question above.

He responded “I’m blessed to have both my Mom and Mother in law. My dad passed over 7 years ago and my father in law over 13 years ago”.

What Is Medicaid Planning?
Medicaid planning is the process of protecting assets and obtaining Medicaid benefits in the event of a costly, long-term nursing home stay or for care and services provided at home.

Preemptive planning is best while the senior is healthy or somewhat healthy, as more options are likely to be available. When an emergency happens, the options are more limited. However, many legal techniques can still be implemented. An extended illness can take a profound financial toll on the person who is ill, as well as their family.
Take a look at Scott Campbell’s (SRC Director of Operations) Dad and his old school response! 

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