Clean water for God's thirsty children
In these toughest of times, your compassion for the poor and suffering brings blessings to God’s thirsty children. Even as the coronavirus keeps us cloistered in our homes and constricts our movement, your vision has not been limited.

Over these past several weeks, long-time donors and many new friends have made generous gifts to keep placing buckets and filters in the hands of Water Women. And that means many more people are drinking and cooking with clean water, building stronger bodies that can better withstand diseases like Covid-19.

So we thank you once again for your support of this life-saving work. We, the staff, board, and volunteers, pray for you each morning, at 9am sharp. And those prayers are reinforced by those of the Water Women around the world as they begin their days.

The popular saying these days is that “We’re all in this together.” But at Water With Blessings, that’s been the case every day for the past ten years.

May God return to you many times over the blessings that you have given to others.
Serving the Navajo Nation
What a wonderful response! In just the short time we’ve been asking, more than $38,000 has been raised to provide clean water for Native Americans in the Navajo Nation. That means more than 500 families are drinking clean water right now.

But that’s only the beginning. There are more than 15,000 households on the reservation that are ‘water-insecure.’ We have our work cut out, but this tremendous response gives us, and those we are working with, the hope that we will get there.

We’re working with the Attorney General’s Office of the Navajo Nation, and their personnel are helping us coordinate with leaders in various divisions. In the coming weeks (at a safe distance of course) they’ll be working with us to design a program that is designed specifically for and is sensitive to the differences in the Navajo culture.

As is always the case, the distribution of filters and buckets, and all of the training, will be carried out by the Navajos themselves. As you know, that is one of our primary values at Water With Blessings – it is the people themselves who take the materials and make them their own. We are all partners in mission.

The first 500 buckets have been ordered, filters will soon be on the way. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Thank you again.
The Power of One

Thank you again to all who have taken part in our  ‘Power of One’  sustaining donor drive. Remember that one donor can supply one  Water Woman  with one filter and bucket and provide 4 families with clean water. And the wonderful thing is that Power of One can be multiplied over and over.

Our Navajo collaborators will soon begin to deliver  Sawyer PointONE filters  to the most remote families. With their buckets, custom hardware, and training on use and maintenance, these will provide a lifetime of safe water. This is a major new program with many challenges, but with our global experience in many difficult places,
we are confident that it can be done.
Hello In There!
Many of you may have heard the songs of John Prine, the folk singer who died recently of complications from the coronavirus. There is one of his songs that is particularly striking at a time like this.

It’s called ‘Hello in There.’ An older man is talking about how he and his wife are now alone in an apartment in the city, their kids grown and gone. One died in the Korean War. The man doesn’t sound bitter; just bewildered.

But it’s the refrain that sticks with me today. He asks us to not walk by those who are alone. Instead, he says, take the time to say “Hello in there!”

Keeping ‘social distance’ is a physical instruction, not a spiritual one. Of course we must care for one another by following the health guidelines.

But there’s also mental and spiritual health. There are people who are alone; even when older couples have each other, loneliness and anxiety creep through a house or apartment.

So more than just thinking about someone, pick up the phone. Or if you have an older neighbor, knock on the door and stand back. Ask them if they’re okay. And be willing to spend a minute to listen. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can make.
Sipping Coffee,
Keeping in Touch
One way we're keeping our spirits raised and supporting one another is through our weekly Coffee Chats.

If you haven't joined us yet, please give it a try. It's like leaning over the fence or meeting at the coffee shop. We laugh, we listen, we catch up on each other's lives. We're there for one another.

Also, we get the latest progress report on how your gifts to Water With Blessings are changing people's lives.

Please join us this Friday at 9am. You'll be glad you did.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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