Revival Harvest America - Los Angeles was a success! Los Angeles is a very large and vast city with over 4,000,000 people from all walks of life. Over the week we had outreach teams in through out parks, Hollywood, Venice Beach, and Skid Row demonstrating Jesus.

Over the four days of outreaches nearly 100 people people from all over, as far as Australia to those who are local gave out thousands of bottles of water, made meals, and hygiene packs. The highlight of this being the transporting of those who wanted to be bussed from Skid Row to the Angelus Temple Hispanic Auditorium each night.
Saturday during the open air preaching and baptisms Todd and team prayed for a lady who had been wheel chair and suffered from visual impairment leaving one eye completely blind. After receiving prayer her sight was restored and the praise from her was like none other.

That isn't all that happened for this sweet lady though. Some time later the team continued to pray for her and SHE WALKS AWAY FROM HER WHEEL CHAIR! See the videos below
Below you will see several clips of people being prayed for, experiencing miracles, being fed, and Jesus working through His people.
Day 3 of Outreach
Walking without Wheel Chair
We are already planning Revival Harvest America 2020! Join us in prayer as we seek the Lord for Ohio and for New York City. We need the Lord to open up venues in both locations and favor with the local churches so that we can see a mighty harvest in both of these cities.

Registration is available now for both of these strategic places. If you wish to partner with us please click one of the options for sowing. If had not been for the faithful provision of the Lord through His people none of this would be possible, THANK YOU!