Releasing 2018 and Welcoming the New Year!
A beautiful way to release 2018 and welcome the new year is to write a letter to yourself about what it is you want to release. What is it that no longer serves you for your highest good? What would you like to welcome in, in the new year? Is there behaviors that no longer assist you in being the very best you can be? DON'T bash yourself or be unrealistic. This is a letter that should be written with love, compassion and respect. Sit in silence before you begin and envision what 2019 will look like. What do you look like? What does your health look like? What steps are you going to take to get there? Be clear. Most importantly have fun! Then after you finish, find a safe place and burn the letter to release the vibration of last year and clear the way for what's to come.
- Jody

Whether you have a massage scheduled or not, feel free to drop by and enjoy the relaxing, healing energy at Blissful Massage and Wellness Center. Sit for a while and practice some mindful meditation, sip a cup of tea, and take advantage of the ambiance of our front room or learning space.
Coming up in January
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17th Evening of Bliss
13th Activation of Manifestation
20th Chakra Belly Dancing

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Chakra Belly Dancing
January 20th
Through the authentic belly dancing style with conscious awareness the students will explore their chakra energy for self-expression and creative feminine exploration.
Through the belly dance movements students will be able to release old emotional blockages, and rebalance the chakras by releasing stuck energies within their body, mind, and spirit.

Students will start to recognize their own true self again by recognizing what energy they send out with their emotions and thoughts, and what energies they receive from their environment and other people who come into their own energy field. 

My intention is to assist women with their own self-healing through recognizing their own strength in their physical, mental, and emotional bodies so that they can listen to their own intuition, and the guidance of their own spiritual source.

Cost: $20
Facilitator: Jane Ingroff
Evening of Bliss
Thursday, January 17th

We're glad you found your way here!  We have such a variety of healing practices here at Blissful Massage and Wellness Center, and are happy to be able to offer you the opportunity to experience a small sampling of our services. Services we offer on these Evenings of Bliss will vary. Each month we showcase different modalities. You can call ahead to see who will be working on that night.

We will be opening our doors every third Thursday starting in January from 7:00pm – 8:30pm. Come experience the amazing services we have to offer in a casual environment. Each month our practitioners will offer a variety of 15-minute mini sessions. Guests will have an opportunity to sample three modalities. Depending on how many are in attendance one session may be a small group session. Practitioners will also answer questions and provide information about their healing modality.  A $15-$20 donation is suggested, but no one will be turned away.

If you would like to find our more about the services we may be offering at our Evening of Bliss please  visit our Services Page  on our website.
The Activation of Manifestation
Sunday, January 13th
Weaving  gnostic and ancient wisdom teachings and with sound, journey work, and movement practices to examine,
activate and manifest the desires of the heart. Mind/Heart activation for manifestation. What is your big goal for 2019?

Let’s make sure you have clarity and any obstacles are reviewed and  removed as we lead you into vibrational sending of  agreement of intention throughout your being and out to the universe. Let this year’s goal be released and manifested! Deep journey work, meditation, and movement practices. Wear comfortable clothes, a journal and bring your biggest desire for 2019!

Cost: $20

Facilitators: Jane Ingroff, Reiki Master, and vibrational sound healing practitioner and Sage Trucano, intuitively weaving therapeutic knowledge as a LMFT and Herbalist with Indigenous healing practices.
Clairvoyant Training
Part One and Two

  • Have you even been curious about psychic readings or being clairvoyant?
  • Would you like to explore your own ability as a clairvoyant reader?
  • Are you already exploring your psychic abilities, but don't know how or where to develop them?

This four-week training is open to all skill levels.  In this training you will begin to understand and develop your own psychic abilities and discover that looking at energy clairvoyantly allows your spirit to come into your own Truth, clear and healed.

These classes are taught in the energy of "psychic kindergarten", which means that all students participating can feel safe to be themselves, explore their natural abilities with the wonder of a child, learn about clairvoyance and feel free to ask questions, play, make mistakes, grow and have fun.

Training at a Glance
(Those in part two will be learning new tools and practicing what we learned in part one.)

Week 1
What is energy? How does it affect you in your everyday life? Ground your body and release unwanted energies like stress, pain etc.  Replenish and fill in with your own clear, unique essence.  Learn about your aura, the energy field around your body. Begin learning about all the different colors of energy and what each vibration holds for you. 

Week 2
Re-energize and center yourself by collecting up your essence. Take the journey into the body and clear out your clairvoyant ability.  Continue learning about all of the different colors of energy. 

Learn a wonderful tool to help create healthy boundaries so that you can have your freedom no matter what you are doing or what is going on around you! 
Week 3
Learn about two very dynamic and healing energies and how theseenergies run in the body. We will use these energies to give our bodies and auras a healing. Explore and heal your ability to "have" all that you want and more!

Week 4
Practice reading energy.  Learn how we create as spirit, and how to manifest your dreams!

Clairvoyant Meditation
We will begin with clairvoyant meditation. which is an in-body meditation that teaches you, the spirit, to use the energy of the body in a way that creates validation, healing and miracles. We use the sixth chakra of the body, also known as the "third eye", to see energy and mental images that affect what we experience and how we feel. This is the beginning of psychic awareness, which means awareness of soul personality energy and how it expresses itself through the body. 

Facilitated by Sherry Woodcock
March 4, 11, 18, 25; 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Four week course: $150

We Continue to Expand Our Staff!

We’re looking for qualified CAMTC-certified massage therapists and other wellness experts to join our team! If you or someone you know is interested in a full or part-time position, please call the center at (707) 446-1094.
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Gift certificates are available for all of our wellness services. Purchase your gift certificate and give the gift of wellness to one of your favorite people. Prices for gift certificates vary.
Be well,
Brian, Jody and the staff at Blissful 

Blissful Massage & Wellness Center