August 27, 2018
Have you ever realized you have gotten caught up in an unchanging daily routine? I know I’ve been guilty! A set routine sometimes feels safe and normal to me. When I catch myself in a rut I usually find that my happiness level has dropped as well. For me, happiness is the feeling of satisfaction and an appreciation for life. There has been a lot of research during the past decade on happiness. Two things about happiness stand out. Happy people can live ten or more years longer than people that tend to lead an unhappy life and the happiest people have more variety in their lives. We have all heard the phrase "Variety is the spice of life"--and now research seems to agree.
I’ve started the process of adding more variety into my life. Even small changes can be beneficial. I’m going to try a few new restaurants, make some small changes in my morning routine and try some type of new activity. When I was thinking about some changes that I could make, I realized it doesn’t matter if they are large or small as long as they feel right and good. Several small actions can lead to a big change for me including increased happiness. I’m ready to diversify my day.

My affirmations for this week is:
I live a life full of wonderful variety.

Take a break from technology and spend some time outside. Let your cognitive mind escape from the temptations often found at home or at work. Being in the world of nature can often help open up your intuition. Settle yourself, focus on your breathing and say, “What do I need to know today?” Now give yourself several quiet minutes and see what pops in.
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On this week’s show, August 29 th , I'm teaming up with the fabulous Susan Dintino. Susan is host of The InPower Hour on InFlow Radio. Our topic: Divination & Tools of Insight will spark a great discussion about the various tools like Tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves and more. The big question is, are the tools special or is it the user?

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Last Week's Podcast

On last week's show Past Life Regression – Have you lived before? I was joined by my guest, past life regressionist Melanie Harrell, M.A., CH. We had a lively discussion on whether we have lived before, different types of regression and ways that regressions can be beneficial.
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Sunday, September 9
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