April 2017

The Future of the Internet - Blockchain and Why We Should Care
Why should we care about blockchain and how will it change internet security? Created by the makers of bitcoin, blockchain is a "digital method of record-keeping that makes information easily visible and accessible, which means there is no central authority required to keep track of all the stages of a transaction from start to finish." ( Forbes.com) Anytime a change is made, the network is notified. This transparency helps prevent fraudulent activity and cyberattacks.

The financial industry is particularly interested in blockchain because of its use in payment processing and transparency. Companies including Goldman Sachs and Bank of America are already investing in blockchain technology. So far, blockchain has been used mostly in relation to payment transactions, but that is not its only use. Blockchain databases can also record identities, track supply chains, book services and more.

While blockchain has not been fully implemented in all industries, it is worth monitoring the new uses for this breakthrough data management method.

Source: Forbes


SIIA Needs Your Stories of Innovation  

SIIA, the Self-Insurance Institute of America, is looking for companies willing to share stories of self-insurance innovation. Examples of these kinds of innovations from self-insured companies include telemedicine and on-site wellness clinics.
In an opinion column in   Investor's Business Daily, President and CEO of SIIA, Mike Ferguson said, "By breaking free of the conventional coverage model, self-insured companies are finding innovative ways to improve the health of their workers, and at lower cost. Business leaders and policy-makers should take note."

SIIA's media outreach campaign will help to help raise awareness of self-insurance among employers and will help policymakers understand the positives self-insurance can bring to industries. SIIA is looking for self-insured employers who have examples of innovations who are willing to share their stories with the media. Those interested should contact Wrenne Bartlett at   wbartlett@siaa.org 

Ransomware - What You Need to Know
Businesses of all sizes are dealing with the expensive and time consuming problem of ransomware. More than a dozen hospitals have been affected in the past year and small businesses are more likely to be vulnerable.

What should you do if you're computers are infected and better yet, how can you prevent infection? Read more from Fast Company. 

Fast Company

What's Happening Next in Health Care?  
The Trump administration initiative to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act was pulled from the floor before a vote after House Speaker Paul Ryan and Trump officials realized they did not have the votes needed to pass the bill. Opinions abound on the issue and what the future of health care in America will look like.

We've compiled some good resources for your review from organizations in our industry who have issued statements about the AHCA or that have conferences and learning opportunities concerning future regulation.

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