Prof. Dawn Song, UC Berkeley, Oasis Labs, and IC3 presents Building a Platform for a Responsible Data Economy at the IC3 SF Bay Area Meetup on February 18. This was hosted by Calibra in Menlo Park.
Also on the Meetup program was Move: A Language with Programmable Resources presented by Dr. Sam Blackshear, Calibra Research Group.
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SAVE THE DATE - IC3 BLOCKCHAIN CAMP - July 26 to August 1, 2020, VIRTUAL!

Join us for the 5th Annual IC 3 Blockchain Camp! Due to Covid-19, this annual 7-day experience will be virtual. Our Camp technical committee of Surya Bakshi, Tyler Kell and Patrick McCorry is preparing another unique immersive weeklong coding and learning experience.

In addition to the tech talks, panels and projects, we are planning VR-enabled social activities, games, chat rooms, birds-of-a-feather discussions, and more.

We will offer two overlapping tracks: a presentation track and a coding track. The presentation track will be open to the public with many of the daily talks the participants in the coding track join. The coding track is limited to IC3 sponsors, faculty, staff and students collaborating on coding projects in 5-10 person teams.

In the coding track, you can expect to engage with leaders in the blockchain community - faculty, architects, developers, and students. Please watch for future announcements regarding the details and registration.

For examples of what to expect, and testimonials by leaders in the blockchain community, please see the summary of the 2019 Blockchain Camp .
Andrew Miller, Phil Daian, Hudson Jameson, Tyler Kell, Drake Eidukas, and Surya Bakshi at the 2019 Blockchain Camp.

 Monero implemented Dandelion++ on March 2, 2020
This is based on 2018 work by IC3 faculty Prof. Andrew Miller, Prof. Giulia Fanti and their collaborators.
Prof. Giulia Fanti, Carnegie Mellon University, IC3
Prof. Andrew Miller, UIUC, IC3 Associate Director
The Ava Platform is an asset trading platform that enables users to create and trade assets in a private permissioned setting, and link to other asset trading platforms. The underlying Avalanche consensus protocol was first presented by Keven Sekniqi at the 2018 IC3 Spring Retreat.
Prof. Emin Gün Sirer, Cornell, IC3, Ava Labs CEO and co-founder
Kevin Sekniqi, Cornell, IC3, Ava Labs COO and co-founder

FINANCIAL CRYPTOGRAPHY and DATA SECURITY 2020 - February 10-14, Sabah, Malaysia
Prof. Andrew Miller and Emin Gün Sirer have the following papers at FCDS 2020.

Selfish Mining Re-Examined . Kevin Alarcón Negy (Cornell University), Peter R. Rizun (Bitcoin Unlimited), Emin Gün Sirer (Cornell University)

SoK: A Classification Framework for Stablecoin Designs . Amani Moin (Cornell University), Kevin Sekniqi (Cornell University), Emin Gün Sirer (Cornell University)

Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work . Aggelos Kiayias (University of Edinburgh and IOHK), Andrew Miller (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dionysis Zindros (University of Athens and IOHK)

STANFORD BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE - Feb 19-21, Stanford University
Prof. Ari Juels and Fan Zhang presented on Friday Feb 21.

DECO: Liberating Web Data Using Decentralized Oracles for TLS
Fan Zhang, Cornell University

Mixicles: Simple Private Decentralized Finance
Ari Juels, Cornell University

Talks by IC3 Sponsors Calibra and Ethereum:

The Libra Blockchain & Move: A Technical Introduction
Ben Maurer, Facebook/Calibra

The Optimistic VM
Karl Floersch, Ethereum Foundation

Beyond 51% attacks
Vitalik Buterin, E thereum Foundation

Bryan Ford, Philipp Jovanovic, and Ewa Syta
Bryan Ford
M Kelkar, F Zhang, S Goldfeder, A Juels
Elaine Shi
Benjamin Y Chan and Elaine Sh
Kevin Alarcón Negy, Peter R. Rizun, Emin Gun Sirer
Amani Moin, Kevin Sekniqi, Emin Gun Sirer

Aggelos Kiayias, Andrew Miller, Dionysis Zindros

Andrew Miller, Ye Zhang, Sanket Kanjalkar

Lewis Gudgeon, Pedro Moreno-Sanchez, Stefanie Roos, Patrick McCorry, Arthur Gervais


Ittay E yal on February 26, 2020

Tiancheng Xie Jiaheng Zhang Yupeng Zhang Charalampos Papamanthou , and  Dawn So ng   on February 12, 2020 

IC3 in the NEWS - April 2020
(please see our Press page for additional mentions of IC3 in the News)

AVA Launches First University worth $50K  by BTC Wires on April 23, 2020

AVA Labs Launches Framework for 'Internet of Blockchains '  by Coin Telegraph on April 21, 2020

Charles Hoskinson Reveals His 9 Favorite Crypto Projects  by Coin Telegraph on April 15, 2020

Canada becomes leading blockchain country in 2020  by The Merkle on April 15, 2020

Top 6 Virtual Crypto Conferences to See While in Quarantine  by Crypto Briefing on April 13, 2020

Expert Insights: Revolut Launches Cryptocurrency Payments  by Block Tribune on April 03, 2020

Please feel free to contact us for more info on these items.


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The IC3 2019 Fall Retreat attendees gathered (above) for a group photo at the end of the day at in the JPM Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY. The Retreat included IC3 faculty and students from Cornell, Cornell Tech, ETH Zurich, EPFL, UC Berkeley, UCL, UIUC, and the Technion.