The recent 2019 Coinbase report ranks four of the IC3 campuses in the top 10 in Crypto Education - Cornell, EPFL, Berkeley and ETH Zurich. Please see the IC3 Impact page for some notable contributions beyond education.

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ASK ME ANYTHING (AMA) - Online Q&A on September 20, 2019
Join us on Reddit this Friday at 9AM EDT. IC3 experts will be online to address your questions and comments throughout the day. Join Andrew Miller, Ari Juels, Emin Gün Sirer, and Patrick McCorry.

IC3 MEETUP at Cornell Tech on October 2, 2019 @ 6PM EDT
" Smart Contracts as Fertile Ground for Exploitation " by Phil Daian

Please Note: Advance registration is required for access to Cornell Tech . 2 West Loop Road, Roosevelt Island, NYC. Please   register here .

Abstract: We will explore various exploitation vectors faced by users of decentralized systems, including but not limited to smart contracts. We will discuss how bidding for high fees fueled by arbitrageurs and other profiteers poses a systemic risk to consensus-layer security, and a challenge for software developers trying to defend systems for attack. We will explore the conflict between permissionless systems and security, and discuss how economic security can break down. You are encouraged to bring your own concerns and war stories for the brave new world of decentralized systems!
Bio: Phil Daian is a noted researcher, second year PhD student at Cornell and IC3, and a software engineer with a passion for computer security and applied cryptography. His research interests span several computer science subfields, with a focus in his current work primarily covering cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. In the photo, Phil speaks about incentives to boost smart contract security at Devcon 4 .
IC3 MEETUP at Cornell Tech on October 24, 2019 @ 6PM EDT
“DC-Nets and Anonymity Protection” by Tyler Kell

Please Note: Advance registration is required for access to Cornell Tech , 2 West Loop Road, Roosevelt Island, NYC. Pleas register here .

Abstract: Dining Cryptographer Networks (DC-Nets) provide the strongest anonymity protections and the lowest possible latency of any current cryptographic solution. Unfortunately DC-Nets are faced with three fatal flaws that prevent their deployment in the real world. We will describe a new solution to overcome these flaws.

Bio: Tyler Kell is a Research Engineer at Cornell Tech & IC3 in New York City. Before becoming a researcher, he worked as a penetration tester and security consultant.

Below, Tyler is pictured (wear ing "Look MVM No Computer") with colleagues at the IC3 Blockchain Camp last June in Ithaca.
Hosted by IC3 Sponsor JPM Chase at their Brooklyn Metrotech offices.

IC3 faculty, students, sponsors and guests gather at IC3 Retreats to discuss the major technical challenges, issues and innovative solutions to widespread blockchain adoption. Join us at JPM Chase with our IC3 colleagues from CMU, Cornell, Cornell Tech, ETH Zurich, EPFL, UC Berkeley, UCL, UIUC, and the Technion. 
Metrotech Center - IC3 Fall Retreat on November 22
For an example of previous Retreats, see info below regarding our Winter Retreat last February.

Please check back later for the detailed 2019 Fall Retreat agenda. Seating is limited with preferred access to employees of IC3 Sponsors. Please   register here to apply to attend.

Security Tokens on Tezos - September 17, Si Valley
Join Tezos Commons, TQ Tezos, Tezos Community, TokenSoft and others to learn about the coming wave of security tokens on Tezos. Please see the Meetup site for more info and registration.

Aeternity Universe One - September 20-21, Prague, Bohemia
Meet hundreds of blockchain developers, researchers, entrepreneurs, UI/UX designers, and enthusiasts. Please see the Universe website for more info and registration.

Devcon 5 - October 8-11, Osaka
Join IC3 researchers and partners at this annual event hosted by the Ethereum Foundation. Please see the Devcon site for additional info.


Annual IC3 Blockchain Camp : Ithaca, NY on June 10-16, 2019
IC3 conducted our Fourth immersive weeklong coding and learning experience in Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, and Smart Contracts with world-leading professors, open source architects, developers, and students.

"The IC3 Blockchain Camp was an opportunity to immerse ourselves for one week with some of the greatest minds in blockchain research. The collaborations, relationships, and discussions started at the Camp will shape the state of blockchain development for the coming years." -  Shaul Kfir, CTO, Digital Asset

"The IC3 Blockchain Camp was one of the best events of its kind I've ever attended, with great atmosphere and plenty of inspiring discussions. I hope I can join again next time." -  Sascha Hanse, Chief of Research and Blockchain Architect, Aeternity

"The IC3 Blockchain Camp was an invaluable experience. Not only did the camp provide the opportunity to work with the experts of industry on cutting-edge research and development, it fostered an environment for deeper connections with like-minded, very well-connected individuals. The networking is unparalleled by any other blockchain event, as is the learning. It felt like a nerdy summer camp. All around, it was an amazing experience I feel incredibly fortunate to have attended." -  Zane Witherspoon, CTO, Dispatch Labs

"I love how IC3 gives me facetime access to researchers and developers who are working on revolutionary ideas. Working on a week-long project with them is challenging yet fruitful!" -  Parth Gargava, Senior Software Engineer, Fidelity

"Extremely impressive work on the Casper consensus protocol, Proof-of-Work discouragement attacks, SNARK applications and more all around!" -  Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation

"The IC3 Blockchain Camp has been a blast, and it's so much fun to see the ~12 or so projects bear fruit." -  Prof. Emin Gün Sirer, Cornell/IC3

Below are pictured several of the Camp participants - Andrew Miller, Hudson Jameson, Elaine Shi, Patrick McCorry, Nicola Greco, Dahlia Malkhi, Emin Gün Sirer, Phil Daian, Vitalik Buterin, Giulia Fanti , Christine Moy, Vlad Zamfir, Parth Gargava, Sascha Hanse, Shaul Kfir and Ari Juels.
Participating companies included Aeternity, Chainlink, Digital Asset, Dispatch Labs, Ethereum Foundation, Fidelity, IBM, Inventrust, JP Morgan, Protocol Labs, Siemens, Tezos and VMware. Below is a group photo of several participants from the 2019 Blockchain Camp, gathered on the steps of Gates Hall, Cornell University.
IC3 Winter Retreat on February 14-15 in Interlaken , Switzerland . IC3 faculty, students, sponsors and guests meet at IC3 Retreats to discuss the major technical challenges, issues and innovative solutions to widespread blockchain adoption.
Attendees at the 2019 Winter Retreat gather above for a group photo. The Retreat included IC3 colleagues from ETH Zurich and EPFL, and all of the other IC3 campuses (Cornell, Cornell Tech, UC Berkeley, UCL, UIUC, and the Technion).  
Above, Cristina Basescu (EPFL) kicked off the Retreat with the talk “Low-latency and locality-preserving blockchains”. Clear skies and temperatures above 50F lured attendees outside during the breaks.

ZeroWallet: A ZKP based Wallet Authentication Mechanism by Aman Ladia and Andrew Miller on July 17, 2019

IC3 in the NEWS - AUGUST 2019 (see our Press page for many additional mentions in the News about IC3)

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The IC3 2018 Spring Retreat attendees gathered for a group photo at the end of the day in the lobby of the Tata Innovation Center, on May 10 at Cornell Tech in NYC.